Monday, August 29, 2005

Wedding Impressions

The bride was tiny and beautiful.
The groom was big and handsome.
The colors were gorgeous—yellow, periwinkle, and I believe blueberry.
Paul sat up on the judges’ bench in a white shirt beside four men in plain coats. But he looked just as stern as all the others, neph Randy and I noted, giggling irreverently.
Paul preached the sermon which thankfully was well received. I was much more nervous than he was.
The reception was in a non-airconditioned building. It was extremely warm.
Lois, who is not one to complain, complained.
All of us Oregon people had issues with the heat.
Barb and Byran drove all night to get there.
The decorations were simple, daisy-themed and lovely.
50 servers efficiently served the meal to the 300 guests.
The couple left for their honeymoon at the Grand Canyon.

(Note to non-Mennonites: a plain coat looks something like a suit jacket with a clerical collar rather than lapels. It holds great significance in identifying what sort of Mennonite you are. )

Quote of the Day:
"I do. I am. I will."
--Kevin and Brenda


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  2. so you ready to move? I hope not!!LOL!!!

  3. Love your first impressions--can't wait to get together--Wayne thought your observations very interesting!!!:)

  4. I wish Kevin and his bride a long and very happy married life. When I taught school in Portland, and spent almost every weekend in the Valley, Kevin always impressed me. I never knew him well, but for some reason he stood out. I was happily in love with Marc, but I did try to tell my single friends how nice I thought he was. =) Guess he didn't fancy any of the "hometown" girls who were my friends, though. Anyhow, the best to the new Birky home.

  5. Arlene--ready to move? Honey, I hope I haven't been bad enough to deserve living in Missouri in August.
    lmt--yeah, Kevin's special.

  6. If its anything like Illinois in August...I never in my born days experienced heat like that!! Absolutely suffocating.

  7. Welcome home! Sounds like a lovely wedding. I always like to hear wedding details.

  8. Hey, thanks for posting some wedding particulars. Anyone you have passing aquaintance with is of particular interest when they get married, right? Anyone know of any pictures of the wedding online?

  9. At this point the two CD's of wedding pictures are in Ohio with Kevin and Brenda's stuff, and K&B are in Arizona. So unless Bonnie and Randy post a few somewhere...