Saturday, August 06, 2005

Steven's Hand

How hard it is to see a child suffer.

Two nights ago we attended a descendants-of-Orval-Smucker picnic in Halsey and came home after dark. Steven came to my van door and asked what he should take inside (what a sweetie) and as he did so he put his left hand on the door frame. Amy didn't see him and shut the sliding door right on his hand.

Any of my other kids would have screamed so loud the neighbors would have come running, but Steven just gasped and doubled over in pain. I grabbed his hand and we ran inside, dripping blood in a trail across the kitchen floor.

He hardly made a sound as I cleaned and bandaged his hand, but these big tears kept rolling down his cheeks which made it far more agonizing for me than if he would have hollered and yelled.

His first two fingers are still stiff and swollen today but the wounds are scabbing and everything is looking better.

The good thing in all this is that it was one more stitch binding us as mother-and-son.

Quote of the Day:
"The difference between me and Emily at this stage is that I was strong-willed and logical, and Emily is just strong-willed."


  1. OUCH! I feel Steven's pain, for I have been there. And poor Amy, I am sure she must be hurting for Steven too. It must be hard to explain to our children when they suffer when trying to do good. May God grant Steven a quick healing and relief from pain.

    The quote sounds familiar, I think my oldest and only begotten son has looked at his sisters in the same light. I was guilty too in my youth. We all grow up with tunnel vision, eh.

  2. Oh poor steven..I have been praying for him. Hope it'll soon be down to normal size.

  3. the quote bt Matt is such a "siblingish" thing to say! Lol

  4. I am sorry to hear that about Steven, especially now that I have see his picture and can imagine that little/big guy in pain. Hope he's feeling better soon.

  5. Ha ha! Matt, you are too funny!

    Tell Steven to get better soon.

    The Baritone

  6. I can't stand seeing anyone or anything in any form of pain!

    We have two dogs, a lab and a chihuahua, both of which have puppies and both of which were up in the top of the barn. One of the two week lab puppies wriggled his way a little to close to the over-protective chihuahua and she viciously attacked it.

    So, I was in the vet clinic, blood all over my hands and the front of my dress, holding this precious baby who once again starts yelping in pain. I started crying and they finally come and take him. The concerned gentleman in the waiting room gently asked me what happened and I begin to sob hysterically while he kindly handed me tissues.

    Yep, that's how I handle trauma.

    It's a good thing that I am not embarrassed by crying or I would humiliate myself often.

    Steven is glad you were there and not me.

    Ich been gons an boplei!


  7. Thanks for all your sympathy and prayers. Steven's hand is doing much better. Still hurts but he can wiggle his fingers again.

  8. matt, did emily wack you good for that comment?