Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Amish Tragedy

I seem to be constantly drawn to the computer to read all the updates on this horrible event at the Amish school in Pennsylvania.

Two little sisters have died, aged 7 and 8. I keep thinking of Becky and me at that age, way back when, in our little Amish dresses at our little Amish school. To experience something like this would be unthinkable for any child, but to have absolutely no context, no words, no concept for this kind of violence. . .unimaginable.

The world seems a bit less safe, our children a lot more precious.

And I'm stunned at how some people just don't Get It. One reporter, on a video clip I saw, said, "Some of these parents didn't find out til 6 in the evening where their children were! Do you think the Amish will finally realize that it's time to join the modern world and at least get telephones and automobiles?"

I thought, Duh, Lady, do you really think the modern world will look more appealing now, instead of less??

I talked to Becky in Yemen this morning, and she had CNN's world news report on while we spoke, and she was amazed at how much time they devoted to this tragedy. So this news is all over the world, and maybe something redemptive will come out of this if people see an example of Christian forgiveness and hope.


  1. People just don't get it. I am not Amish but I certainly respect their setting themselves apart. You are so right too Dorcas. Why in the world would a tragedy such as this make the Amish community WANT to be apart of modern culture?

    May God comfort these families during these coming times. I can not imagine thier heartbreak. I weep and grieve for them but I know I don't even hold a fraction of thier pain.

    Mrs. Garcia

  2. The Amish bishops and deacons had a meeting this morning and an aid fund is being set up for the families with the Anabaptist Foundation. You can get information at the Anabaptist Foundation website: afweb.org

    It should be up and working by Wednesday October 4.

  3. The fund is called: "Nichol Mines School Victims Assistance Fund"

  4. Thanks for the information.

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  6. I just can't get past the terror those little girls must have felt. Who is more innocent and sheltered then little amish girls and then having to face such horror and terror?!! I just pray for their families.

  7. to say my heart is breaking does not begin to describe what I feel right now. The scab that was slowly starting to form around the edges of my own bleeding heart is once again ripped away it's all so real and yet, comparing our own story to that of the little girls and the wife... I cannot imagine we never had our names and story across the world on every form of news possible and have to be in hiding with our grief.

  8. Dorcas,

    I found your site through Ilva. I don't know if you remember me from NYP or not. I am currently in Ukraine. Ukrlady@ivc.com.ua

  9. What I have to say does not minimize the grieving and suffering of the Amish families and their community. I feel an extraordinary burden for Robert's wife. Not only is she now a widow and her children fatherless, but think of the heavy weight she is carrying because of her husband's act. She undoubtedly is feeling a sense of guilt. So please, let's include her as we uphold all involved to the throne of grace.

  10. How arrogant of that reporter to assume that modern culture is where it is all at! Abortion, homosexuality, their TV is full of that filth. I wonder how much longer before we see the Son of God again.

  11. At times I want to yell at God "Why don't you stop this?" or "Why don't you do more about it?"

    And it's a very unsettling feeling when I realize that maybe He's asking me the exact same questions...

    May God be with all of us to Do Something About the Evil around us with His grace and compassion.