Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Last night we had our family pictures taken. (Yes, the children wore their school shirts.)

Then we went out for Chinese food at a buffet called China Sun.

Quote of the Day:
"I just realized it's impossible to eat jello with chopsticks."


  1. As per usual, Paul was very solemn. sigh. -geneva

  2. Was Paul about to say "Fuzzy Pickles!!"?? He was not.

  3. Beautiful family!

  4. Beautiful family!

    And I love the quote of the day. It must be so much fun having your children around. Chopsticks and jello! Thank you Emily for the laugh.

    Mrs. Garcia

  5. Matt!!! My Matt!!! He's not my little Matt!!!!

    Do I get a picture/snail mail?

  6. How fun to see a picture of your family ! I enjoy reading your blog.

    You look so familiar and I can't figure out why. Like someone I would have seen as a teenager...???

  7. Thanks, Lollyjane and Mrs. Garcia.
    "The Mrs."--yes, Matt grew up. He really did. And yes, you get a Real picture, you privileged woman.
    Cindy--I love this finding-a-connection sleuthing. Gotta know how old you are and where you've lived, first. (Canada, maybe, 1986-94?)

  8. If you would like an outside family portrait give me a call sometime. Ruth

  9. Love reading your columns! Will order more books from Tattered Cover here in Denver.

    About your mother's comment "She's so nice and common," I say "Dorcas is also about humble elegance."