Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Too Much Internet Time Today

Today I found an article that said:

Could 4, 5, even 6 kids become suburbia's new status symbol?

Hmmm. . . .imagine a choice of mine actually being fashionable?!

And then I found a test to see what your spiritual gift(s) is/are. Mine, according to that, are first knowledge, then teaching, then mercy.

Now what on earth do I do with that information, besides continue to tell my children that moms know everything, a handy shutoff valve when they distrust my credentials.

Some time ago I gave a talk at a church and one woman buttonholed me afterwards and gave me a "word from the Lord" that my spiritual gift is teaching and I should pursue it further and I forget what else she said because I was too distracted by her face. She looked young and old at the same time, Asian and Caucasian, and simply confusing. Her face was smooth as glass, but now and then she blinked just right and a hint of very old-lady bags appeared under her eyes. Finally I realized I was talking to a woman who had just had her face thoroughly tucked. She was trying to sound so very spiritual but I'm afraid most of her lengthy speech was lost on me.

I don't mean to be sarcastic about spiritual gifts but I have never been quite sure what slot I fit into and furthermore, what to do about it if I find that I have the gifts of, say, knowledge and teaching and mercy. I still need to get the tomatoes canned before they go bad and teach Jenny to pick up after herself.

Quote of the Day:
"AAAAH! Ewwww! I squeezed its guts out and it's still wiggling!~! Eee-he-he-he-hew!! I seriously popped its guts out!!"
--Emily, when she stepped on a spider


  1. I love how practical your Christian life is. I wish we were all that way because life would be a lot more fun, and eternity a lot more real.
    Betsy and I love your blog. John

  2. I suppose you could teach Jenny your knowledge very mercifully. :)
    And just call the canning a spiritual exercise.
    That's the trouble with so many descriptors and categories--often despite them, they render a person quite useless.

  3. How funny about the Asian lady's word from the Lord! From my years of working alongside Asians I have learned a few things about them. One is that Asians in the US are very concious of their Asian eyes and for years already it has been very common for them to get "eye tucks" where they get a fold made into their eyelids to make their eyes look more Caucasian. Recently it has become very common for Asians to get facial tucks as well. As common as we might get a wart removed or something like that. Even nice Christian housewives do it. It is cheap to go back to Korea to have it done and I suspect the same for China and maybe Japan. Hurrah for words from the Lord! :-)

  4. Clarification for Becky: I think she actually was Caucasian but looked Asian because her skin was pulled so tight it squinched her eyes. But who knows, maybe she was Asian with an eye job. Either way she would have had more credibility if she had looked naturally wrinkly, Asian, or whatever.

  5. Don't you just love when a total stranger approaches you and tries to be the JUNIOR HOLY SPIRIT? It amazes me that people have that much gall. I believe that "iron sharpens iron" and those types of level 10 relationships are one of the (many) ways that God speaks and ministers to us. Those level 10 relationships aren't born overnight. They come out of deep conversations, doing life together and investing time in each other. Only then does a person earn the right to "speak for the Lord."

    Does the Lord use total strangers? Hey! He's God! If He can speak through a donkey, He can certainly do whatever He wants! As with most things, it's best to submit it to prayer and ask for God's leading and His will. If it's genuine, you'll know it because it won't be dismissed. If He dismisses it from your spirit, move along.

    I've been in a similisr situation and I've just smiled sweetly and thanked the person,saying,
    "You've given me something to pray about & I appreciate your taking the time to convey to me what you feel the Holy Spirit has impressed upon you. God Bless You".