Monday, October 23, 2006

Emily's Notebooks

Emily has always loved notebooks. Spiral school notebooks, cute round notebooks with cats on the front, funky pink notebooks with thick black spirals and a high-heeled shoe on the cover, diaries with locks, tiny notebooks on key chains.

Recently she resurrected a round pink notebook (with a long illustrated story in it--read more here) out of the box of memorabilia in the laundry room.

On our last road trip, I think she had three different notebooks along--as I recall: one for stories, one for a diary, the other for notes and ideas.

She loves notebooks for Christmas and birthdays, and spends her hard-earned money on the newest and latest pink-striped, hard-cover notebooks.

This evening Emily took a notebook inventory in her bedroom. Then she came downstairs. "Guess how many notebooks I have, Mom."
"Nooo, way more than that."
"Way more."
"I give up."
(Grin) "I have seventy."

Quote of the Day:
"I thought these things are supposed to be fun, and they just eliminated that with those two cautions."
--Ben, when his new disc-shooter package said, "1. Never shoot at people or animals. 2. Always use with adult supervision."


  1. One of my students came up to my desk and asked me the very same question yesterday morning. She had seven and was very proud of it. I'm afraid I burst her bubble when I told her the story about Emily's seventy. But, nonetheless, she was quite impressed.

  2. Dorcas,

    As a journalist/writer/whatever, I am a notebook freak myself. I bet I easily have 70 or 80 notebooks of various kinds either in my office or at home. I went through a legal pad phase for a couple of years, but notebooks, especially those flip-open reporter-style notebooks, are the way to go. There is a whole new wave in notebooks, too -- the Moleskine, available in the various chain bookstores like B&N and Borders. They're a little pricey, but well-made and quite convenient. I am not as bad as some, but Moleskine (pronounced, I am told, "mol-uh-SKEE-na") has an entire cult of notebook fiends growing up around it. I refer anyone interested to and if you'd like to see how far notebook obsession can go. And it can go VERY far apparently.

    Robert Rhodes