Saturday, May 19, 2007


As you may have noticed, I finally have a profile picture. Amy took me outside the other day and "shot" me for the back cover of the new book, so I replaced the 4-year-old picture on my Xanga site and Matt helped me post one here as well.

As my mother would say, "Ach, zu natural!" but oh well.

And in case you're curious, the crop I'm standing in is fescue, a type of grass. I still think the local paper needs this headline someday: "Rescue in the Fescue."

Or maybe that can be the title of my next book.

The last time I posted about a new Xanga picture we got a Dutch conversation started that ratcheted up to 78 comments or something. Good times.

You may also have noticed what time I'm posting this. I'm starting to have these 3-or-4-a.m. wide-awake sessions. As my daughters say:

Quote of the Day:
"Mom, you're getting old!"


  1. Na sel gukt ve en seezi bredicha zai frau!!

  2. Vel!! At least ich kepp net my hingel usht because ich bin laydich fon see!!

  3. Are you going to translate for the rest of us ?

  4. Am I correct that this is Pennsylyania Dutch which is a form of German, rather than the Dutch that is spoken in the Netherlands?

    p.s. Old is GOOD! I use it as a reason for almost everything! I can hardly wait for my 50th birthday in February!

  5. Yes, it's Pennsylvania Dutch, a misnomer, since it should be Pa. German which in German is Deutsch, which got turned to Dutch.
    Translation: Arlene said that picture looks like a sweet preacher's wife.
    I said well at least I don't kill my chickens just because I'm tired of them. Read more here:

  6. Dorcas..just got home from a trip and had to check on here to see what your answer was to my 1st comment!! Sis usht an shant!!!

  7. I lost your friend LuAnn's blog address... sorry. Would you email it to me? I heard she won some sort of Erma Bombeck award...
    Kathy Davis