Sunday, May 20, 2007

Warning: the post you are about to read mentions warnings!

A couple of days ago I was at the mall to pick up two pairs of suit pants for Paul. I got a bit of lunch and an iced coffee at the food court. While I was sitting there I beheld two warning signs.


The other was on one of those rental strollers. It had a mesh bag below the handles, with this sign: DO NOT PUT CHILD IN BAG.

I really don't like to think about all the implications of these warnings, and what it says about us as a nation that we have to have this sort of it's-not-our-fault-if-you-do-something-idiotic disclaimer thrown at us at every turn.

This was one of the few things I found refreshing about Yemen when I was there: you were expected to take care of yourself and if you did something stupid it was your own fault. For example, we toured this multi-story-old-house museum in town and you could with minimal effort have tumbled out one of the upper-story windows. But there were no barricades or guards or warning signs. They simply expected, apparently, that you would not go climbing out the window unless you wanted to fall. Amazing.

Quote of the Day:
"Keep hair, loose clothing, fingers, feet, and all parts of body away from openings, rotating agitator, and other moving parts. Do not operate cleaner in bare feet or when wearing open toe shoes or sandals."
--my vacuum cleaner manual


  1. Thoroughly warned, thank you very much! And does anybody actually go put on shoes to run the vacuum??? Pauline

  2. My vacuum cleaner is my best friend!! It let's me be me--and yes, I vacuum barefoot!! I don't have to worry about any body parts being under attack from my dear faithful friend!

    Thanks for the laugh! Can hardly wait to read your next book!~Karen

  3. Every time I read the label at McDonalds "Caution, contents are hot!" I have to smile. Who would want cold coffee. :)

  4. It is sad indeed that folks are "sue-happy" in this country! No personal responsibility let's just blame someone else for our stupidity, carelessness or laziness. Grr! That kind of stuff just gets my goat! I actually DO vaccuum with my shoes on! But that's because I have my own house cleaning business and I wear good sensible shoes from being on my feet so much! At home though, it's a totally different story!

  5. I have always had to chuckle at the warnings on everything myself. I wear slippers when I vacuum so I guess we could say that I am sort of in protective gear.

  6. I heard a comedian say that all the safety equipment we are required to wear now, such as, bike helmets, seat belts, life jackets, etc. has only resulted in dumber people surviving. This has continued until we are now at the point where we have people who have to be told that hot coffee is hot.