Monday, June 04, 2007


Since we evidently were not busy enough with the wedding this past weekend, it was also the grand finale of Steven's year with the Junior Boychoir division of the Oregon Children's Choir. They had an all-day "tour" on Thursday which included singing at two or three different schools plus several hours at a fun-park. (The chaperon moms said Steven spent most of his time on the go-carts and bumper boats, and, um, it might behoove us to not let him drive a car for a while.)

After a rehearsal on Saturday right before the wedding, the final concert was at the big new First Baptist Church in Eugene on Sunday afternoon. Each choir sang two or three songs, and then all 140 children from all the different choirs sang together. Steven's group sang a Swahili song in which Steven and one other boy "soloed" on one verse. It was beautiful.

I plan to have Steven (and maybe Ben and Jenny) audition for Joyful Noise, their Aunt Rosie's choir. It's much closer to home, and I think Rosie does as well as Steven's director this year, plus with a smaller group she can do more individually.

I got lots of feedback on how well Steven did this year and how much they enjoyed him. (Dab eyes) My favorite was this:

Quote of the Day:
"At one point this year my son Markus went to the director and said, 'I've noticed that Steven is a very respectful boy and I think I'd do better if I stood beside him'"
--Markus's mom

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  1. It brings a lot of joy when our "grafted in" children do well! Mine are finishing another successful school year today.Yeah!!! Edith