Saturday, June 02, 2007


Today Paul's niece Jessi married Kevin Kauffman. It was a beautiful wedding and Jessi was a beautiful bride.

Our family was involved thus: Amy was a bridesmaid, Paul preached, and Jenny was a flower girl. I sewed Jenny's dress and edited the sermon.

Maybe someone else will post Real Photographer Photos somewhere. Meanwhile, here are a few posed pictures I took and some behind-the-scenes pictures that I like even better.

Here's Jessi and Amy:

Ok, I'm not sure how to insert captions between pictures. The second picture is the whole bridal party. Amy is the bridesmaid on the left; Jenny is in the white dress. The junior bridesmaid is Nina, Kevin's niece. The other bridesmaids are Rhonda (friend), Stephy (sister), Amanda (cousin), and Phebe (friend). The junior groomsman is Trevin, the bride's brother. The others are Randy (Jessi's brother), Brandon and Brandon and Travis (friends), and Justin (also a brother).

The next picture is Nina's patient mom, Corina, doing the girls' hair. And the last one is Emily saving the day by telling the girls the story of Rapunzel when they just could not sit still any longer and the wedding was a good half hour off yet.

Quote of the Day:

"Her crying mother and I."

--Steve (Jessi's dad) last night at rehearsal


  1. Yes, it was such a beautiful wedding and Jessi definently was a pretty bride and Kevin was a very handsome groom too!! I love weddings and its been so long since I was at one.. the whole day was lovely!
    Your quote of the day made me cry too.
    Oh..and Jenny was adorable!

  2. Your blog is such an interesting read, made more so by posts like this that mention events affecting folks from our church (so that's where they went this weekend). I finished reading your book, by the way. You are a gifted writer.

  3. hi, thanks for the comment. i actually just saw it today. yeah, after seeing your site featured on being-becoming too, my hus and i had a good time finding and reading your blog. very interesting-- i love the way you take daily ordinary things and make them interesting. i just wish i had time to read more... :)
    God bless and keep up the good work!
    jenny k. (baileyandme)

  4. Beautiful wedding dress. (The photo would not click to larger size when I tried, but still could see the nice dress.) I sewed my two married daughters wedding dresses and know how much work that is.

    Congratulations to the families for the new additions!