Monday, June 18, 2007


Emily posted on her Xanga recently that she'd interview (5 questions) anyone who commented and requested it. So I did. And here you are:

1. If you had to adopt another kid, what age and gender, and from what country, would you want that kid to be?

Well, I really really wish we could adopt Steven's little sister, which would be from Kenya of course. I have no idea how old she is by now or even if she's alive, but he vaguely remembers her and I wish I could get her.

Otherwise I'd say a girl, four or five years old, from Kenya.

2. If you could start your life over as a single woman with any job you wanted, what career would you want to have?

I think I'd like to be a travel writer or something in the medical field. Both intrigue me a lot and I get a great thrill out of the tastes I get of both, such as the emails I wrote from Kenya and putting ice on Steven's head when he bashed it the other day. And I'm into missions and cultures and languages. So. Yes. I'd be a medical missionary, traveling around teaching malaria and AIDS prevention, and raising my own support by writing about obscure local customs for National Geographic.

3. What is the biggest drawback to being a Minister's wife?

Trying to get my teenagers to behave like proper PKs.

Just kidding. Actually the hardest thing is these situations where there's some big kerfuffle and there aren't only two sides, there's more like five or six. And Paul the great negotiator is in the thick of it all, trying valiantly to understand everyone and be charitable to all, and explain everyone to each other, and come up with a plan and solution. And I sit in the background agonizing and praying that I won't hate anyone and wringing my hands because I think surely this time he will blow it and all six factions will hate him in the end. Which has never happened yet.
Another more frequent big deal for me is all the demands on his time. People have absolutely no idea.

4. In all sixteen years that you've known me, what have I said that twisted your mind the most?
It was probably the "round nest" episode. Or the tooth ferry. Or was it when you asked me what heaven was like because I had been there. (what?) "You know, when you went to heaven?" (WHAT???!!!) "Mom, come on, YOU know, you went to heaven. And you sewed and sewed." (Oh for mercy's sake, she's thinking of Dorcas in the Bible.) "But Emily, that wasn't ME!" --tearfully--"But you sew and sew!"

5. What was the first movie that ever made you cry?

Hmmm, not sure, but the first movie that terrified me clean out of my mind was when we watched 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in the 5th grade. I was this sheltered little Amish girl, and here were these cannibals going after this guy, and it was horrible, and everyone else was laughing, and I was so scared I can feel it to this day.

But crying? Probably when we were in Canada with Northern Youth Programs and we watched a film about Hudson Taylor, and his little girl died, and she looked exactly like Amy, short curly hair and profile and all. And all of a sudden I realized I was sobbing aloud.

I think I take films much too seriously.

Quote of the Day:

"This is what I call the double bee duplifoot."

--Jenny, doing tricks on the trampoline

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  1. My, you could write a whole book on Emily, couldn't you? I think I would laugh the whole way through.