Thursday, June 21, 2007

Finding Out

Certain things, if they're true, I want to know:
I blabbed something before it's officially "out."
I have Taco Bell flour-tortilla remains in my teeth.
My child is bullying another child.
My t-shirt label is sticking out.
I hurt someone.

Like I said, I want to know this stuff.
Knowing isn't so terrible.
It's finding out that kills me.

The other Sunday evening I gave a book review at church.
Afterwards, someone gently told me that I said "um" 50 times in my 7-minute talk.
Finding out was mortifying.
But I'm glad I know.

Quote of the Day:
"I think Jenny has brothers."
--Amy, when Jenny put an empty milk jug on the kitchen floor and stomped on it to make the cap go flying across the room


  1. Which is exactly why writing is preferable to speaking. At least there's a chance to make corrections.

  2. Had you substituted yeah for um, I would know you have been to Faith Builders (some school back East somewhere).

  3. I feel your pain.
    I'm working on the same speech impediment.

  4. I hate constructive criticism even though it's for my own good! I know it's a pride issue but it is still difficult to hear! I hate the sound of my own voice and if it gets on MY nerves, I have to wonder about the poor people who have to listen to me!

  5. I have to tell you, my five year old overheard me telling his Dad about the milk jug thing and his Dad said, "look at the gleam in his eyes"! Lo and behold he tried it on the patio and landed smack on his belly. His older brother wanted to try so I suggested loosening the cap. Bingo! He got the desired results. Boys.