Thursday, October 11, 2007

Emily's Test Results

Emily is as healthy as a horse, at least if her blood tests are to be believed.

No mono, no anemia, no infection, no leukemia, no liver issues, no kidney issues, no thyroid issues, and now I need to stop because she doesn't like to have too many personal details about her internal congiplations spread to the whole world.

So. Why was she sick for three weeks? One commenter suggested Lyme disease. Actually, if you Google "child headache fever achy" you learn that she might have Lyme disease, leukemia, or so many other horrible things that you pitch your teacup at the computer and run shrieking from the room.

Since the nurse practitioner has no idea where to go from here based on the blood test results, our decision is to focus on treating symptoms as they come up, and if she has another bout of "Emily-flu" before Christmas, we go see a naturopath.

Quote of the Day:
"Yay! Noise again!"
--Jenny, when Paul and the boys came home from a weekend of camping


  1. Have you thought about celiac? Those symptoms are similar to celiac disease. Celiac is fairly commmon, hard to detect, and very underdiagnosed. When my mom (independent of the doctors) diagnosed celiac in my sister Heidi and implemented a gluten-free diet, she immediately gained 30 lbs. (she had been skinny as a rail) and her headaches/queasiness/chronic illness stopped. The doctors, of course, confirmed mom's diagnosis. It's something to check.

    (About the only way to check is to implement a gluten-free diet and see if it fixes it. Gluten is everywhere and it takes some time to recognize all the places that gluten is found. Therefore, the first months of Heidi's "gluten-free" diet was fraught with gluten. So, one definitely needs to give it some time and have a source of help that can tell you what to watch out for.)

    Now certainly do not take my suggestion as a conclusive diagnosis!! I don't know nearly as much about celiac as my mom does. I may be totally off base.

    If you want to pursue it, mom (who's an RN) would be happy to help. Just email her (marvin at goldrule dot net) a detailed description of the symptoms and she can give you further guidance as to whether I am totally off base or not. =)

  2. Hans--thanks for your input. Actually, I was convinced she had celiac and had her tested, but the results were negative. Then I put her on a wheat-free diet for a month to make sure, and there was no change at all. Sigh. Not that celiac is nice to have, but I was hoping for a solid diagnosis.