Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More Non-brilliant Thoughts

My lovely SIL Geneva called yesterday and said she was a bit worried because I hadn't done a real update in a week. I am very very blessed to have people like Geneva in my life who keep track of me.

I have not been updating much personal stuff because a) I was gone every night last week to special meetings at church which were great but utterly exhausting for this old bird who gets her feathers ruffled if she doesn't roost early and b) it's once again fall which means the rain clouds are moving in and the black cloud of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is descending and one of the symptoms is that I am far less creative and have fewer ideas and c) I am suddenly without the help of my two capable teenage girls and am feeling swamped with housework.

So--what's going on at our house:
--Emily is still sick and none of the many tests have been conclusive. She says she's not feeling better but I know she's sleeping less and doing more schoolwork.
--We got 8 chickens. Steven's project.
--Hansie is behaving, sort of.
--I haven't talked to Amy in a while as we have a very hard time connecting. Probably because of that I had my first Amy Dream the other night, like I used to have when she was in the Emirates. I come into the kitchen and there she is! And I say AAMMYYYYYYY! And I give her a big hug. And she says, Duh, Mom, of course I'm home, didn't you know that?
--I miss Matt, especially when the roaster needs to go up on the top shelf in the pantry.
--Ben and Steven are enjoying choir. We have to laugh at Steven, because when he's around people he acts very shy about singing and you can hardly hear him, but when he's on the lawn mower he sings so loud you can hear him in the house with the doors and windows shut. Ben said the other day Steven was mowing the little field west of the house, and he (Ben) was walking home from Leroy and Anita's (east of us) after he fed the dog, and halfway home he could tell what song Steven was singing.
--I never think of Jenny being so much like her dad but the other night I told Steven he's about the age Matt was when Jenny was born, meaning: Matt was almost 13, Steven is almost 13. Well, Jenny's mind immediately clicked into gear (just like Paul's) and she began to figure in her head ("Hmmm, oookaaaaay, let's seeee. . .)(just like Paul) exactly how many days' difference there was between Matt's age then and Steven's now.
--I have an article to write but this is much easier.

Quote of the Day:
"Do you ever feel sorry for the poor cold people in the mattress ads?"


  1. A bit of a funny thing happened while I was reading this post I was reading the title through my google reader, which lines up posts from various blogs according to the time an author posts them. I think I scrolled too quickly and didn't realize I was reading someone else's post beneath your title, "More non-brilliant thoughts."
    I was a bit confused, as I read a blurb on Plato's metaphysics and how Plato might have agreed with Pauline wisdom of Ephesians, "Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is worthy of respect, whatever is just, whatever is pure..."

    So maybe my point could be--that it matters not how brilliant one is, it matters what your character is and people like Plato and other brilliant philosophers might look on and agree.

  2. Hello Dorcas, my name is Lavonne (Martin) Miller . I was talking to my Dad this mornign and he was telling me about your book "Upstairs..." (can't get the title together right now). He was saying how much he/they are enjoying it because my Mom is from Albany, OR and that (OR)is where they met and lived for 6 married years. Dad also said that you are an Aunt to Byron tht married Amy Weaver -- Dads go to Millmont, too, where Amy is from. Also, you mentioned Leroy and Anita in one of your posts... Kropf?... if so, Anita is mom's first cousin!! Mom's parents are the late Sam & Esther (Nofziger) King. Her brothers all live in OR -- Sanford, Jerry & Alma Jean, Delvin & Rose, and Jeff. Don't know if you would know any of them or not. Fred (and Vera Ellen) Mullet from Hopewell Menn church would also be one of mom's first cousins. And I see the name Mark Roth on this page... we get emails on the Sunday School lessons from a M.R. -- is it the same person? This is interesting to me & it's nice meeting you! Have a good day!

  3. to espiritu: smile.

    and to Lavonne: wow, lots of MennoConnections. And all your guesses are right on--Byran's aunt, Leroy and Anita Kropf, Mark Roth. But I don't think I know any of your uncles.

  4. Emily, feel sorry for them?!!!! Every time I see them, they are lounging on a nice comfy mattress while I am taking a 20 second break from working! But actually, I never thought about them at all! Pauline

  5. I LOVE how Emily thinks!!! And I love your posts!


  6. HonestLY, Emily... What SHOULD I feel sorry for them? I never thought to feel sorry for them, but now that I have been nudged the thought, I refuse to feel sorry for them. There they are lying on something soft.. and someone actually poses them and takes pictures of them for the whole world to see. That's not my idea of being chite or wholesome. Let someone take a picture of me with the man of whom I am 'the Mrs.' of! :):)