Saturday, October 27, 2007


Last night Emily told me she predicts that when she has a family of her own she will have three boys and Amy will have three boys and three girls.

That's a pretty specific prediction. But here's her reasoning:

My sister Becky has three boys. I have three of each gender.

My aunt Vina, Mom's only sister, had three boys. Mom had three boys and three girls.

So naturally Amy and Emily would carry on the tradition.

Amy, when Emily told her this, said, well, she'd rather have three of each than just three boys. And Emily thinks boys would be a lot easier to raise than girls.

Quote of the Day:
"Those aren't rewards, they're punishments."
--Ben, when he read my list of incentives ("Latte," "watch Pride and Prejudice") to reward myself for finishing each stage of fall cleaning ("Wash windows," "clean carport," etc.)

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  1. This comment is way late,sorry. I am so going to do what you have on your list to reward yourself for housecleaning,i LOVE the idea!Thanks! You just gave me the incentive to start!