Friday, October 26, 2007

Random Memory

Isn't it funny how a random memory can hit you out of nowhere?

This morning I was in a hurry and slicked my hair straight back rather than try to coax my poof into cooperating, and was struck by a sudden memory:

1981, Calvary Bible School, girls' restroom, one Saturday morning. I was washing my hands. Down the line of sinks was a girl--from Pennsylvania as I recall, cute, braces on her teeth, definitely cooler than I. She was distraught and weeping. Suddenly she turned to me and angrily burst out, "You have hair touching your ears!"

To say I was stunned is putting it gently. I don't recall if I pieced the story together from her or someone else, but it turned out she wasn't allowed to go away with her friends for the weekend because she kept combing her hair over her ears.

And she was right, I did have hair touching the tops of my ears. And I never got in trouble. I think she and I and the matron all knew this significant difference: I was just sloppy; she was deliberately pushing the boundaries.

I wonder who that girl was and who she is today. I'll bet she lives in Pennsylvania and is still cool and fashionable and has her hair slicked back and wouldn't dream of swooping it over her ears.

And I wonder if that rule is still in the handbook at CBS.

Quote of the Day:
Emily: You know how I like costumes so much? I think I should get married in a bride costume!
Ben: That'd be great! And then you could get your friends to dress in bridesmaid costumes!


  1. Actually, I think the rules might be that hair can't be too flat or slicked back by now. And dresses are measured to ensure they are at least 3-5 inches OFF the floor.

  2. Yea, Emily, and the groom could wear a tux! Pauline

  3. aka "groom costume" :-)