Saturday, March 01, 2008

Emily Update

Today Emily comes home from South Carolina.

You may recall that she flew there the same day we went to Florida, on February 13th, and was scheduled to come home last Tuesday. But I changed her ticket to return today instead.

I extended her stay there because her health has been improving dramatically. You may recall a long time ago I wrote that she was improving, which I think some readers took to mean she was almost well, but if you have ever had a long-term illness you know that "improving" can be a long long way from "wellness."

In her two and a half weeks in SC she's had only a few bad days in which she feels horrible and all her muscles go weak. She's been going to school with Amy and doing about a half-load of schoolwork. And, she says, she is starting to open heavy doors and even pick up some speed in the gym.

This is of course fantastic news.

So, to what do we attribute this? My friend Louise says it's the sunshine in SC, I'm sure Mary K. would credit the Juice Plus supplements she and I put Emily on, Miriam would credit the Ambrotose glyconutrients she recommended, Emily would say it's being out of this house that she's convinced she's allergic to, others would credit the healing effects of a big sister and change in scenery, and most of us would credit the Great Healer and the prayers of many many people.

I say all of the above, plus the fact that Emily is really trying to actually eat food and drink water even if she's neither hungry nor thirsty.

Again, she's getting better, but she's not well. And I am battling some fears that, back in this house and overcast Oregon and the old routines, she'll relapse.

So please keep praying, for both of us.

And a round of applause to Amy for hosting her so long.

Emily hasn't posted a lot at Amy's house but I did enjoy this.

Quote of the Day:
"I shrieked (of course) and Amy came running (of course) and we looked for it (of course) but we couldn't find it (of course).
--Emily's post


  1. I agree that her upswing is a combination of all the factors mentioned plus others we may not even know about. The majority of the time God chooses to heal via His already established laws rather than an instant miracle. No matter how or what the reason/s, we rejoice that Emily is progressing forward!

  2. Indeed, good news!
    RYC: The sisterhood of kindred spirits. I'm accused of staying up until the wee small hours too.The story takes on new meaning because I have a front row seat to a revolt right now.