Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Machine Quilting

In a sewing-room drawer I have five quilt tops, sewed by my mom. I am making two more in this quilt class I'm taking with the Smucker ladies. This is all good.

However. They all will need to be quilted. I am my mother's daughter in the sense that I know it would be a travesty to simply "tie" the quilts, or "knot" them as some say. But I am not my mother's daughter in the sense that I hate to hand quilt. This leaves machine quilting, a vast uncharted territory. If I do the math right, it seems I could buy a machine and frame for roughly the price of paying someone to quilt from 3 to 10 quilts by either hand or machine, depending on various factors.

Has anyone out there among my talented readers machine quilted full-sized quilts with those cool frames and such that are available. If so, please tell me at least what questions I should be asking, since I am so ignorant I don't even know that. You can email me if you want, at

I'm talking about this or this sort of setup.


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