Monday, March 03, 2008


My older sister was born "Rebecca," and that's what I've always called her. But somewhere along the way, outside of our family, this morphed into "Becky." So I had the rather odd habit of referring to her as Becky but calling her Rebecca to her face.

However, she has decided she wants to be Rebecca again, to everyone. She says, "I have decided to change my name back to Rebecca. Mrs. Olson in 6th grade changed me from Rebecca to Becky and I have never really liked it. I have not pursued changing it back as it has always sounded sort of like a mid-life crisis thing to do but Rod insists that if I like Rebecca better I should just go for it."

So I explained to my children that Aunt Becky would now be Aunt Rebecca, and why. And Emily exclaimed:

Quote of the Day:
"And that's all the drama she's getting out of her mid-life crisis?!!"

P.S.--this got me to wondering what sorts of things other people do when their MLC hits. I have a friend who suddenly wanted to be bad, since she had always been so good as a teenager. She was no longer Mennonite, so she went and got her ears pierced, and that satisfied the urges to be bad. So, if you feel like commenting, tell me how it affected you.


  1. I have taught accounting classes several times in the past, despite the fact that I hate almost everything having to do with making numbers behave. When I was hired for my present job, I was to be the business and home ec teacher. I loved home ec and typing and tolerated accounting. Last year when I taught acc. again with more than the usual frustration (huge class, workbooks that didn't match the text, etc.)I was guiltily trying to psych myself up to go take an accounting class so that I could do a better job with this. Then it hit me. What a colossal waste of time that would be! I am 55 years old and don't have any time to waste trying to get good at something I was not well equipped for by my Creator. I would do far better to enhance the skills I have in areas I really love to work in. Doing this will make me a better teacher in those areas. Our students deserve an accounting teacher that can light a fire in their imagination with that subject--something I could never do. But composition and Anabaptist history--now those are subjects I can teach with passion. Lowered enrollment and staff cutbacks thrust me outside of the stereotypical female realm of business and home ec and I couldn't be happier.


  2. Uh, we went to Africa for a year, helping with a ministry to orphans. Good thing hubby and I had our mid-life crises simultaneously :-)
    The crisis continues as we now prepare to move overseas permanently. But not to Africa; that would be too easy. No, at the age of 49 I am learning Spanish and we're heading to South America.
    Now tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor :-)

  3. I have an uncle that did that to us. He'd always been called "Junior" - so to me he was "Uncle Junior". Then my Grandpap died which is where the "Jr." thing came from in the first place. Since the name "Walter" was now available, he switched to his "real name". Well, he tried to anyhow. I think most people managed ... except family. He'll always be Uncle Junior to me. :-/ May "Aunt Rebecca" have more success!! ;-)

  4. Heh...if being good as a teenager makes you want to be bad when you hit your MLC, maybe it's time I took some preventive measures...

    -Anonymous Coward

  5. I desperately want to travel to remote villages in far off countries. If only my hubby had the same desperate urge to travel...:)
    I also have had bad bad thoughts- Like...what does it feel like to actually puff on a cigar?