Monday, March 24, 2008

A Strange Request

It looks like, God willing, we will be going to Kenya in two weeks. Our family, plus two high school seniors, minus Matt who can't take off from college, and sadly, minus Emily who might be able to make it stamina-wise but who, I'm afraid, would be in very bad shape if she came down with malaria or typhoid or any of a dozen diseases readily available in Kenya. And the last time we went she had a horrible reaction to the shots, so that's not an option either.

None of us want her to mope around alone at home while we're gone, so we feel like she needs to go somewhere. Amy is going with us, so that's not an option. We checked with my sister in Pennsylvania, but it won't work for her. We still have a few options to check into, but meanwhile Emily suggested I post about it.
Post about it?
Yeah, somebody might have a good idea we haven't thought of.

Ok, is there an obvious friend or relative I don't have on my list? Remind me, please.

Or, perhaps you are thinking to yourself, "Oh! She could come here! We have a nice safe place, and a spare bedroom, and a nice youth group to hang out with, and a kitchen table to do homework at, and lots of Mennonite connections with Paul and Dorcas, and an airport within reasonable reach!"

We would actually consider that too.

Leave a comment with your brilliant idea or email me at


Quote of the Day:
"I'd like to go someplace interesting."


  1. I am not sure our place is interesting enough, unless you think ducks living in the house is interesting. :P

  2. I'd volunteer just to repay you for all the encouragement I've received through your blog(and Emily reminds me a little of myself at her age), but I don't have any extra beds, and I'm not a Mennonite. :) Plus, Atlanta in the spring is miserable if you have any allergies--or if you think you don't have any allergies you'll discover you were wrong. But I will pray that you find a quiet, safe (and fun) place for Emily to stay while you are gone.

  3. How lucky you are to have so many relatives you just sort of might forget about some of them...I can count mine on one hand!


  4. Our home is open. Emily would have a grand time going snake hunting with our youth.
    --Julia in Mississippi