Friday, April 18, 2008


Well, this flu I caught from Jenny turned into the most beastly sickness I've had in probably decades. After spending yesterday in a near-delirium at 104 degrees, my nice husband hauled me to the doctor this morning and got me an antibiotic. So now I have recovered enough to lie in bed with a laptop and catch up with the world just a bit.

I don't know if I want to know what the rest of the house looks like. I think the boys must feel like they have it made, spending hours on the computer listening to Odyssey or playing games on, and their mom can't holler at them to go do something productive even though that ridiculous bweet! bwing! is driving her crazy.

I think Paul is giving them a few hours' work at the warehouse this afternoon. This is good.

Emily is taking good care of me--tea trays and such.

Grandma brought supper in. God bless Grandma.

Prayers appreciated.


  1. and thank God you are not a mom who works outside the home and is relied upon to bring in the income for the family and must drag herself off to work in spite of how she feels. I have a good friend who did just that and passed away two days ago from viral pneumonia, leaving 4 children thankful for your living husband!

  2. Dorcas, sure hope you get well soon! On the state of "the rest of the house"... well, if you need a great perspective on this, go to and read her Feb 22 post! It might tide you thru until you get better! Pauline

  3. awww, you poor thing. you need a glass bell. that's what my mom always gives us when we're sick, and we just ring it whenever we need anything. :-)

  4. Hope today is going better for you. And that it is blessedly calm in the house. My boys are driving me bonkers! And a stray dog near bit the duck's head off! Papa was out and put a stop to that.

  5. Aww.. I am praying. This flu bug has been so horrid this winter...warm weather come!!!!