Sunday, February 01, 2009

25 Trivial Facts

The latest rage on Facebook is to list 25 random facts about yourself. Here's my offering:

I feel like a sheep doing this 25-things business, BUT I was tagged, so therefore I have to do it, because 1. I have the same curse as Ella Enchanted. If someone tells me to do something, no matter how stupid, I am compelled to obey. (Not that this is so stupid, you understand)
2. I am a bit ADD. Which is why you'll find 25 half-finished projects around my house at any given time. And I can't sit still in church.
3. I remember bad times more than good times.
4. I love going to other countries and have been to Poland, Yemen, Kenya, and Mexico. And I lived in Canada for 8 years.
5. If I had another life to live I would be a travel writer.
6. I am addicted to tea...especially Kericho Gold black tea from Kenya, although PGTips from England is good also. Nothing starts off my day like black tea.
7. I am also addicted to fabric. I like to fold it and feel it and look at it, even if I don't get around to using it. I have too much fabric but I can't get rid of it because it makes me happy just to have it. Oh, and pens too. Cool pens that are pretty and smooth and just the right heft make me very happy. If I don't have a pen with me I feel panicky and frightened.
8. If I had a third life to live, I would own a fabric store. Actually, I might be able to fit this into my current life if I live long enough.
9. According to this one test I took, my spiritual gifts are knowledge, teaching, and mercy.
10. I teach Sunday school and take in newborn lambs, otherwise I don't think I use my spiritual gifts much.
11. I love public speaking.
12. But I sometimes panic when I have to talk to people one on one, especially chitchat, like with the checkout lady.
13. I have a very soft voice. People cannot hear me, so often when I get up my nerve and say something to the checkout lady, she can't hear me. At least 25% of P.A. systems are worthless, especially if the audience is over 70 years old. Ordering at a drive-through is a trial for me. I have to lean out the window and holler for all I'm worth.
14. My sisters and daughters are my best girlfriends and I feel very sorry for women who have neither.
15. I have a lot of regrets and I don't do very well at forgiving myself.
16. I'm always surprised when people actually read what I write and I can't figure out why anyone would bother, but then when someone unsubscribes from my blog feed, I'm offended.
17. I am good at memorizing. The children say that I can pull out a Bible verse for every occasion, and that their dad can be reading scripture aloud and I will catch his mistakes from memory. I also know everyone's phone number. But I cannot remember where I parked the car at Costco.
18. I notice people's teeth first.
19. I like pictures and knicknacks of chickens and cats.
20. Sometimes I am oblivious to what's going on around me, and sometimes I sense so precisely what's going on, unseen, that it's almost creepy.
21. People always think I had an idyllic childhood because I was Amish. I don't get the connection. I actually had a sad childhood.
22. I like to be around people who make me laugh. I don't care how different they are from me otherwise--just make me laugh and I'm your friend.
23. I hate shopping at malls. I like shopping at garage sales.
24. I think my husband is the best--guy, preacher, husband, dad, teacher, the works.
25. I want to live to be 103 like my grandma.


  1. Is the black tea you like also known as orange pekoe tea? In Japan they call that red tea. Go figure.

    I enjoyed the trivia--the revelations and the mysteries that survived the "outing."

  2. I enjoyed reading your trivia facts. Especially 7 and 8 about the fabric. :) But if you open a store in Oregon, we might not have the chance to send our fabric out there anymore.

  3. You are so Philip's blood relative!!! LOL

  4. Was the spiritual gifts survey online? I think I know mine but it would be fun to take a test on them. I enjoyed reading your list although I wondered why you think you don't use your gifts, when the missions trips you've taken and your stories about life in Canada point to someone actively involved in teaching and mercy!

  5. Hi! Dorcas. I really like your list. I love getting to know more about you through your blog. I am waiting for your next book. You are my only blogger person. Phyllis

  6. Mrs I--Yes, I'm pretty sure it's orange pekoe tea. No idea why the "orange" is in there.

  7. i'm with you on not being able to sit still in church. one time i was sitting by someone who moved maybe once during the sermon. the whole rest of the time they were sitting still as a statue. it kinda makes me feel like a little kid!