Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ohio Appearances

Some people have been asking me if they can attend the ladies' retreat in Plain City, Ohio, that I'll be speaking at in March.

The United Bethel ladies decided to restrict the retreat to UB ladies only, since this is their only event of the year and the purpose is to have a sister-bonding time.

My good friend Mary Kropf is arranging a small lunch event in the Plain City area on Friday, March 13, for women who won't be at the retreat. I'll be speaking for about 45 minutes and then we'll eat lunch and socialize. I'll have books available also.

You'll cover the cost of your own lunch. If more than 15 ladies show up, they can't take individual orders and you'll pay a prearranged fee.

If you would like to attend, please contact Mary at And be sure to thank her for doing this.
[Note--My apologies--I put an extra letter in Mary's email address. This is now the right one.]

Paul and I will be in the Dalton, Ohio, area (I think that's Holmes County) the week after the retreat (March 16-22) and Paul will be preaching every night at--oh dear I can't remember the name of the church and Paul can't either--but Leonard Wenger is the pastor. I'll be speaking at a ladies' brunch there one morning--the date hasn't been decided yet. Let me know if you want more information about this.

And then I'll come home and be quiet for a while.

Quote of the Day:
"Jenny, we should start a group called KAJAF. Kids Against Jo-Ann Fabrics."
--Ben, one day when both he and Jenny had the misfortune of going shopping with me


  1. Love the husband would join HAFS (Husbands against fabric stores). He actually doesn't mind fabric stores, as long as he doesn't have to go or wait in the car!!

  2. Well, my boys won't be joining the anti fabric store group. :) They love going to the fabric stores. They have this thing with remnants. I am not really sure what they do with them, some kind of boy thing I assume. I saw a couple pieces the other day all dirty.

  3. PLEASE may I climb in your suitcase and you and I can investigate the mystery surrounding my grandfather????? His family will probably be in your audience........ I am completely green with envy!!!

  4. That would be East Union Mennonite Church Dorcas

  5. Hans would certainly have joined the KAJAFS! He used to hate it when we'd stop at a fabric store in Eau Claire on our pilgrimages back and forth between Pa. and Ontario! ~Edith

  6. I'm with Ben and Jenny - never liked fabric stores and altho I've tried, I probably never will. All of my mom's amazing sewing ability did not get passed on to me - much to the chagrin of my highschool home ec teacher who got tired of replacing my broken sewing machine needles.

    I am so excited that you are coming to the Wayne (Dalton isn't Holmes county - but we'll give you points for being close)county area since that is where I live! I would love to have more info about the ladies brunch - will they let women come from other churches (I promise I'm still saved - I know, I know, the whole non-sewing thing might make you question my salvation and mennonitism, but I promise :-)!!) If they would rather keep it to just their church ladies, then I will try to make it during the week, but I would really love to hear you talk (no offense, Paul!)

  7. Well now I wish I lived in Ohio. And not for the first time. =)

  8. my message to Mary Kropf didn't deliver. Is the e-mail address you posted current?

    Many thanks to you for agreeing to deliver one more speech at Plain City.