Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Predictions

We spent a bit of time on New Years Eve envisioning our lives ten years from now. A few results:

Who will be President in 10 years--[note, politically charged readers: these are predictions, not necessarily hopes]
Paul--somebody that none of us knows right now
Dorcas--the third-generation George Bush
Matt--David Petraeus
Amy--no idea
Emily--someone whose first name is Jack
Ben--Sarah Palin
Steven--don't know
Jenny--Sarah Palin

How many grandchildren will there be?
Jenny 5

Who will Matt be married to?
Paul--Susan MacAfee
Dorcas--Miranda Spiff
Matt--Natalie Portman

Who will Amy be married to?
Paul--some guy that’s tall, dark, and handsome
Dorcas--Alex or Brett Harris
Ben--Abe Stoltzfus

Who will Emily be married to?
Paul--somebody that she’ll meet in 2012
Emily--Christopher Palladini, the writer of Eragon
Ben--somebody I’ve never heard of--Homer Miller
Steven--Some blond-haired guy.
Jenny--Clovis Neuschwander

[Note: for the above three questions we kindly omitted the names of actual people we know that the young sibs had fun nominating but the older sibs {not to mention the nominees} wouldn't appreciate being posted.]

Where will you be living?

Paul--”with Mom” [what Jenny told him to say] Ben said, “Wait a second, with YOUR mom?”
Amy--Beverly Hills
Emily--El Paso
Ben--Anywhere but Lancaster PA--I’ll go with Raleigh, North Carolina. [Jenny: Isn’t that close to where Andy Griffith lived? ]
Steven--maybe Kenya [Ben: Fort Worth, Texas. Steven: grunt. Ben: Where would you rather live, Redneck City, Arkansas?”]
Jenny: Sisters

What will be the title of Emily’s latest book?
Paul--”What My Children Say About My First Crush”
Dorcas--”Using Drama in Children’s Ministry”
Matt--”His Eyes Bored Deep Into Her Soul”
Amy--”The Adventures of Matilda Bunnyslippers”
Ben--”The Dorky Prince” [Emily: I won’t use the word Dorky out of respect for Mom. Ben--Ok, The Nerdy Prince]
Jenny--anything but “Jenna’s Cowboy Hero”

What will be the latest cool technology or whatever--
Paul--we’ll have a fuel source that nobody imagines right now
Dorcas--nutrition will play a much bigger role in medical care/treating diseases
Matt--cars with spherical wheels that can go in any direction
Emily--one device you can carry with you everywhere that will have internet, call people, TV, movies, music, computer software, in place of credit cards, a GPS, and a camera
Ben--Highly advanced voice recognition systems
Jenny--flying shoes, strap them on, fdddtttt, you’re at the place you want.

Quotes of the Day:

"Can I make a random prediction? There’s something from today that we’ll all be laughing at. Like, remember how we all used to get on Facebook? Hahahaha, FACEBOOK."

"In the Basement the Mice are Gnawing"
--Ben, on what my latest book in 2020 will be called


  1. I hope your "cool technology" prediction comes true.

  2. hey--what's wrong with Lancaster PA?

  3. Anonymous--hate to break it to you, but many people in the West think it would be punishment to live in Lancaster, PA.

  4. I really like the Facebook one. I mean, I REALLY like it.

    And about LaPA, I hear it's back East somewhere. Much to my infrequent regret, I've never been there. (After all, it's a pity to dislike roasted appendix without ever having tasted it. Right?)

    WV below: chucc :)

  5. As for Dorcs' next book, and Ben's comment: why not "slang slithering in the basement" Ben, why mice?

    BIL Rod

  6. Sorry, Dorcas, but your choices for Amy have been cut in half. One of the Harris twins is getting married this month.

  7. I'd buy a copy of the book tiltled with "Mice..." but not the comment suggested slithering

  8. I just found your snippet in the Above Rubies magazine.
    Love your blog and "at home" posts.

  9. You are NOT waiting till 2020 to publish another book,are you?

    And do tell us about your Thailand answer!!!

  10. Anonymous--no no, don't worry, before 2020 I hope to publish Outside the Neighbors are Laughing, In the Shed the Hens are Clucking, etc etc.
    Thailand--there's a Mennonite Bible/mission-training school there that I have a hankering to be involved with, somehow, someday.

  11. Mirinda Spiff for Matt?
    Where did that name come from?

    Or can I confidently assume this must be the previously-unknown sister of Spaceman Spiff of Calvin & Hobbes fame? That alone makes sense of the name and connection...
    BIL Rod

  12. hey- Lancaster PA is awesome! It is NOT a punishment in anyway to me.

  13. I second that about Lancaster, PA--Wonderful area, wonderful people! Dorcas--don't you know you have folks reading your blog from Lancaster?

  14. To all the Lancaster Countians--
    Let me explain. Different people prefer to live in different types of places. Some prefer hills, some prairie, some rain, some dry, some lots of Amish and Mennonites, some not so many, some congestion, some wide open spaces, some wandering roads, some roads like graph paper. People in the West tend to like, for example, open spaces and not so many Mennonites, so LaCo seems like way "too much." And Oregon or Montana would seem like way "too much" the other way to a Lancasterite. If you prefer what LaCo has, there's nothing wrong with that. Please don't let it bother you if not everyone wants to live there. We are all different.