Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Writing Class

Teaching teenagers to appreciate observation, metaphors, rhyme, rhythm, and descriptive words isn't easy, especially when the class is 7/8 male. Here are a few results from last week that I thought were worth reading, even if the authors thought they would die in the process of writing them.

"Felicia" by Spencer:

Felicia and books
like beavers and wood
Are hooked together
To share lots of good.

"Shane" by Cody:

Shane is just a little squirt
And no one can deny it
But when he plays in any game
He's faster than a giant.

"Isaiah" by Steven:

Isaiah is quite the genius
Because he's always learning.
The classroom may get loud.
You'll never see him turning.

"Spencer" by Isaiah:

Spencer is like Ehud
In what way? you ask.
Ehud and him are lefties
And he can tackle any task.

"Felicia" by Trenton, who likes to have the first and fourth lines rhyme:

Felicia likes to text
Sometimes at the wrong time
Sometimes way too much
This probably should get fixed.

"Cody" by Isaiah:

Cody is like a jetliner
He needs a long runway.
Once he is going he can't stop.
When he is going fast don't get in his way.

"Trenton" by Spencer:

You'd better look out
Here comes a jump shot.
It's Trenton I see.
Ready or not.

"Cody" by Felicia:

Cody is very tall
He likes to play ping-pong
If he acts very dumb
He will say ding-dong.

"Harold" by Shane (name changed to protect everyone)

"Harold" can attract the girls
By growing out all of his curls
"Harold" smiles like a crocodile
When he sees the girls like his style.

And for extra credit they could write a poem about me:

"Mrs. Smucker" by Shane:

Mrs. Smucker is a good teacher,
She would make a very good preacher.
With all of her knowledge,
You'd think she had went to college.


  1. This is some good stuff.

    "Felicia and books
    like beavers and wood..."

    I like that!

  2. I love these!
    And I am impressed that one of the kids knows who Ehud is.

  3. Puh-lease can I send my daughter to your class?
    She taught herself to draw and knit but poetry is so out here. And her teacher has no poetry in her soul-at all.