Saturday, January 02, 2010


Ten years ago we saw the new year in with a touch of trepidation--what if all the dire predictions about Y2K came true?

We had two of my siblings over that evening--Rebecca and Rod and the boys, and Phil and Geneva and their three. Right before midnight I snuck outside to the front porch and flipped the breaker, hoping to plunge the house into darkness and everyone into their worst fears. Unfortunately, one living room light was on another circuit, or something, and shone calmly on.

I gave everyone a piece of paper that evening and asked them to predict a few things about life ten years in the future--where they'd be living, what they would be working at, who would be President, and so on.

I resurrected these slightly-mildewed papers and here are a few findings:

I will be living in:
Grandpa and Grandma's house (Benjy)
in with Benjy (Zack)
a castle (Emily)
Virginia (Becky)
a Nebraska farmhouse (Geneva)
Harrisburg, Oregon (me)
in Newberg at George Fox College (Hillary)
Yemen (Rod)
a dorm room at school (Jason)

(Looks like Ben, Rebecca, Jason, and I were right)

The President of the United States will be:
John Kitzhaber (Phil)
Hillary Clinton (Matt and Jason and Hillary)
Colin Powell or the anti-Christ (Rod)
Bill Bradley (Paul)
Trent Lott (me) [Phil: Oh please, not Trent Lott!]
Uncle Paul (Molly)
Al Gore (Benjy)

Other tidbits:
My biggest accomplishment will be sitting around and being bored. (Derek)
I will be working as a preacher/teacher/seed cleaner/counselor. (Paul)
I will be working as a checker at Fred Meyer. (Geneva)
My favorite food will be cherry cheesecake. (Becky)
If married, my spouse's name will be Harrison T. Wheeler. (Hillary, who added, "Dad came up with that name so please don't laugh at me.)
My biggest accomplishment will be learning to drive. (Jason)
I will attend the Covenant Presbyterian Church. (Becky) [bingo!]
I will be working as a maid in the castle. (Emily)

Quote of the Day:
[my favorite prediction]
"My biggest accomplishment will be having proved the existence of mokele mbembe.
--Matt. Who else?


  1. Emily's castle predictions, and the ones about Hillary Clinton were pretty close, no?

  2. Byran--yeah, I found it interesting how close the Hillary Clinton predictions came to being right. And also how none of us had heard of Obama ten years ago.