Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bits of My Exciting Life

Paul pointed out to me the other day that I am the only one in the family that's not in school. So I have a sudden urge to go to OSU and finish my degree.

But not right now, I am not that crazy. And btw, I would have two years left.
I had a bag on the back of my desk in which I accumulated things that died and needed special batteries. Like a timer and camera and two watches. I could have taken them to Fred Meyer and the funny little guy with greasy black hair in his little booth in the jewelry section, but he charges $5 plus the cost of the battery. So I stuck the bag in the car now and then when I went to town and figured one of these times I'll go down Coburg Road to Batteries Plus and get them all fixed at once.

But I never got it done, mostly because I almost never go down Coburg Road any more, and I'm always out of time long before my list of errands is done.

Two days ago I came home from town with a zillion bags of groceries and my bag of dead things and suddenly I realized I am tired of putting this off and--DUH--I could do it all online, in the comfort of my office chair. So the next morning I carefully pried stuff apart and found the batteries and read the microscopic letters with a magnifier and found all the batteries online and ordered them--all in less time than it would have taken me to drive to Batteries Plus. And the shipping was free.

Maybe I've finally joined the 21st century.
**Brag alert** Emily called me and said she did really well on this one paper, a reflective essay that she hadn't worked that hard on but it was read to the class as a model of reflective-essay writing. She said, "Mom, it really isn't fair that I got your genes." Was that sweet or what?
I really like having fresh apples off our own trees. I made three Dutch apple pies this evening and they probably cost me, I don't know, a dollar or two total, so I feel like a good wife.
AK from next door told me the clothesline column made her feel guilty for not hanging her wash out. That was not the intent, I hope you all know that.
Last night was Shelley Smucker's baby shower. Shelley is married to Randy who is Paul's brother Steve's son. They are wonderful people who will be wonderful parents I'm sure.

Judging from dozens of little outfits that emerged from gift bags, brown is "in" right now. Brown and pink, brown and aqua, brown and pale green.

I am old enough to remember brown being in long ago, and then it was very out for a long time, and now it is once again very in. And I can imagine Shelley's daughter looking at her photo albums in ten years and saying, "BROWN?? On a baby??? Mom, how could you??"
There were lots of babies at the shower, and when we went home Jenny was feeling all sad because her friends Janane and Shanea have this adorable little niece and Jenny doesn't have any niece or any prospects of one.

I was feeling kind of the same way about my friends and grandbabies.

So today Cleo the cat got lots of affection, and when Jenny wrapped her up in her[Jenny's] old raggedy blanket and plopped her on my lap, it was a nice substitute, for now.

Last night on the way home we had this conversation:

Quote of the Day:
Jenny: We really need to get Matt and Amy and Emily married.
Me: So who's on your list for Amy?
Jenny: Wellllll, Amy's just so EXQUISITE that I really haven't thought of anyone that's good enough for her!


  1. Rosy (from Plain City)10/18/2010 4:13 AM

    I've noticed the brown theme as well over the last several baby showers!
    It makes me chuckle, I would not have dressed my baby girls in brown and pink, and I had a problem when my daughter wanted brown for her bridesmaid dresses at her wedding...but there are some very cute little girls running around in brown and pink, etc. at, we live and learn...and learn again!

  2. So far I've been a silent listener on all these posts. Silent as in not commenting....I've done a good bit of laughing on here :)

    I love your writing!


  3. Vicki--thanks for coming by. I enjoyed peeking at your blog as well.
    Rosy--I have a feeling we'll keep living, learning, and watching brown cycle in and out of style.