Tuesday, October 19, 2010

See what I mean?

So I posted the other day that I am a person who Does Not Know Stuff. And Paul's mom, Anne, is a Person Who Knows.

Well today was a gorgeous day so I biked to her house to deliver some strawberry starts and then we talked for a little while.

Suddenly I thought of it! Yes! I had some Information that surely she wouldn't know. Since she isn't on Facebook, after all. "Oh!" I said, happily, "I almost forgot to tell you. You know what Facebook is, right? Well, I've been seeing some hints on Facebook that 'Hilda Hostetler' is dating!"

Such a thrill, to impart knowledge.

And she said, "Oh, didn't I tell you? Bonnie told me that two weeks ago when we went up to Sheridan together!"

See what I mean?


  1. Yes...I am always the last one to 'know', too.

    And then there are those who like to rub it in by working to be the first one to tell you everything.

    The solution is to not really care whether you know it or not and allow this mindset to rule your emotions. Because the reality is that if it would be important for me to know the LORD would have made sure I would have found it out before now. Since I didn't know it before 'now' it is not important.

    Likely have more important things to think about anyhow!

  2. the grapevine has been around a Looong time before facebook!