Thursday, October 07, 2010

Farewell and Hello

A year or two ago I had a scare, that thankfully turned out to be a false alarm, when I thought my cell phone was dying and I'd have to get another one.

This phone used to be Paul's and he's on probably his third one since then. I'm guessing it's between six and eight years old, judging by my memory of sitting outside in the dark at the ladies' retreat in Georgia in 2003, trying to call home.

It is a compact little gray phone that has served me faithfully despite being chewed by Hansie and humiliated by all the fancy iphones and BlackBerries that got turned on all around it every time the plane landed and I called home.

I learned to text on it, a major accomplishment in my life that used to send my daughters into gales of laughter on the other end, since it took me a long time to figure out the CLR button, so I would type away and insert an "oops" after a mistake that was too obtuse to decipher.

But lately the bitter truth has been dawning. The 4 works about half the time. I can't receive the pictures my kids send me. And the whole thing is falling apart at the seams and one of these times I won't be able to hold it together any more.

Meanwhile Emily's phone, which is also on our family plan and only two years old, kept losing its charge after two calls.

We were in line for two free phones, so Paul ordered them, an event Emily recorded here.

My phone came two days ago. Paul charged it up. I have been learning to use it, pressing buttons and scrolling around in a way that would make my children proud.

Paul tried to jump through the hoops to transfer all my numbers from the old phone to the new, but my phone was so old the program didn't work.

This converted me to my new phone, once and for all. I took a picture and emailed it to myself, and now I share it with you.Maybe I should explain. After supper today I told the kids I'd work on dishes while they all write a handwritten letter to Amy at Bible school. However, Cleo the kitty was bothering Ben. So he solved the problem in a way Jenny didn't approve of.

Quote of the Day:
"Me: No, not the little pellets, I haul whats called cattle cubes.
Charles: Beef bouillon?"
--my brother Fred, in a text I saved on my old phone


  1. I'm proud of you, Dorcas! I, too, know the trauma of learning a new and more "modern" phone.

  2. There is not too much that makes me feel as old as having to learn these things in technology, and seeing how slow I am compared to the "kids". After all, I really am not a slow learner.
    Yay for you with your advanced phone, Dorcas! May all your texting be swift and successful!
    I love your blog!
    Mary Ann