Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today's Letter from Harrisburg is about the "new" "green" practice of hanging laundry outside to dry.

You can read it here.


  1. Lovely as usual! I look forward to your column every month. Thank you for providing the nicest part of the Register-Guard.

  2. Really enjoyed this and read it out loud to my husband as we laughed through parts. I'm another lover of line-dried clothes and sheets and have an extreme fondness for laundry that my husband teases me about ("No laundry today? Are you going to be okay?" LOL)

    I'm also a washer of zip locks and other assorted "eco" activities, but by necessity.

    And absolutely KICKING myself for not bringing my canning jars. Was worried about them breaking in transit and thought it would be better to just buy them here. Only they don't have them here :( So now I am hoping another missionary will move here and bring a container and be willing to bring some things for me, with canning jars at the top of the list.

  3. I also love hanging out laundry, a whole row of towels and washcloths, having two pieces fastened with one clothes pin, as "my mother taught me." And the fresh-air smell on sheets is unmatched by any fabric softener scent.
    I feel sorry for the women who don't have the privilege of using this "new" old practice.

  4. I enjoyed this article but had to go digging to find our homeowner's association document (48 stinkin' pages) and type this out for you...
    "4.14 Service Facilities; Utilities. Service facilities (e.g. garbage containers, clotheslines, air conditioning compressors, etc.) shall be screened such that the elements screened are not visible at any time from the street, another Home, or a Common Area."
    Our houses are on postage stamp lots, and you can see in your neighbors yard pretty easily...
    We can't even air our clean laundry.
    Oh and I am not in some big suburb...I'm just up the road from you in Albany...
    Crazy, huh!?!?

  5. It's been known for a long time that everything goes in cycles. (No pun intended.)

  6. Isn't there an old adage: what is old is new again?

  7. Frieda Yoder10/15/2010 4:15 AM

    Haven't read your columns for a while, too busy. After quickly reading over the last several I have to make a comment on 'Amish Novels'. I save my precious reading time for non-fiction usually but decided to try 'Lydia's Charm' by Wanda B. since I figured I would recognize some places, living close to 'Charm'. What a waste! I am just sad that people rant and rave over these books. I tried to get my hubby to read it just to see how ridiculous it is, but haven't succeeded yet.

    And the cell phone column I could have written myself. I am really enjoying my new phone now (most of it). The best part is that I can receive pictures of my new grandbaby a couple of hours away.

    Love your posts, keep up the good work.

  8. Love the article. I had no idea the "normal" was so new age lol. I love reading articles like this and am impressed that people are finally catching on AGAIN