Saturday, October 15, 2005

A conversation

We had this conversation at the supper table before I left for MN/PA:
Me: I have so much to do before I leave.
Paul: Like what?
Me: I have to make salsa, can applesauce, clean the oven, pack..."
Paul: Why do you have to clean the oven?
Me: Because if I die in a plane crash Bonnie and Rita will come clean my house and they'll see my dirty oven.
Paul: (Sputter, choke) How often do you clean your oven?
Me: Oh, about every [censored] months.
Paul: Then I think it can wait another [censored] months.
Me: Ok, but promise me that if I die, you'll clean it out before anyone sees it.
Paul: (More sputters and chokes) If you die, we'll have way too much on our minds to be cleaning the oven!

I think I was being perfectly reasonable but my family doesn't.

Quote of the Day:
Jenny: Dad, do you think there will be cows in Heaven?
Paul: Cows? No.
Jenny: Why not? They would trash up the whole place?
Paul: There will be things better than cows in Heaven.


  1. Haha! You sound just like Mom! She always wants to clean these things that people will never see or care about or that look spotlessly clean already, because she is scared to death that if another female sees it, she will die of embarrassment.

  2. I dont think anyone can leep a house as immaculate as Bonnie!

    You need a selfcleaning oven. I havent had to truly clean my oven in four years now!

  3. Mrs. Darling how do you leep a house?

    We recently heard Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis speak. He said he often gets asked by little boys and girls. "Will my dog go to heaven when it dies?" His answer..."If God needs dogs in heaven, yours will probably be there" Maybe if God needs cows in heaven..... :o)

  4. Dorcas--I do think you were being perfectly legitimate in your request!!LOL Ask me sometime about what I told my family and the consequences of it!!:)

  5. Uh yeah I saw that too. I would think you'd need to be a pretty good leeperee.

  6. oh if only you could see our house right now as i type this, you wouldn't say such things :)


  7. about my mom's immaculate house i mean


  8. Jessica your moms worst is most peoples best! Take heart dear.

  9. Sharon: Just wondering if your instructions to your family has anything to do with making sure all your teeth are in! :)
    MM & KG