Sunday, October 30, 2005

Good News from a Far Country

You can read Amy's first update from the Emirates at


  1. I just came from Emily's website, and I think maybe I just got my best insight yet into what Paul is like. She quoted a conversation like this: Emily said, "Why does it stink?" Paul said, "Because you don't like the smell. If you liked the smell it wouldn't stink." : ) Oh yes, your family is quite interesting!

    Two of the things our family has in common with yours: a dress-up box, and an interest in Handel's Messiah. My younger sister Crystal and her friends were the most daring ones with the dress-up box. They would make themselves as outlandish as they could and then sit on lawn chairs out by the road and wave at people as they drove by!

  2. heh, irony exists no matter where you are... that the only thing missing was the needle and thread, thats priceless.