Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Razor Blade

Yesterday I talked to Amy on the phone and she told me the Tale of the Mysterious Razor Blade. The other day my sis Margaret got a letter from Mom and Dad, with whom I will be flying to Margaret’s house this week. In the envelope were the normal letters and also a piece of stiff paper with a razor blade taped to it.

What on earth?

Dad’s letter explained it all. He of course wants to shave above and below his beard and look presentable when he’s in PA, but Mom told him he can’t take razor blades on the plane. So he thought and thought about how to overcome this obstacle, (I guess it never occurred to him there might be WalMarts near Margaret’s house) and he came up with this clever idea.

I guess Mom is gun-shy about taking forbidden things on the plane because three years ago when she flew to PA she had a nail clipper, scissors, and a couple of other things confiscated out of her purse. It seems no one informed either of them that you can pack these things in your suitcase.

Quote of the Day:
"So why is this an advantage to being a preacher’s daughter? I thought you were gonna get money or something."
--Emily, after Paul was one of the first to know that a certain couple was engaged, so he could announce it at church, and he told the kids that See, there are advantages to being a PK


  1. You can take razors in packed luggage. You just can't carry it on. Did he not have packed luggage?

  2. Oh, I guess I should edit that--the problem was that Mom was sure you can't take razors at all, in anything, anywhere.

  3. That is too funny. Hope you have a wonderful trip Dorcas. See you when you get back.

  4. Could the engaged couple have been Brendon and Ruby? Sorry if that was top secret.... BTW, don't know if anybody's interested, : ) but my brother is the one who took their beautiful engagement pictures, and WalMart thought they looked so professional that they wouldn't release them to Brendon and Ruby until Doran signed off on them! Just had to brag on him.

  5. Sheryl--Yes, the couple was Brendon and Ruby! Will you be at the wedding? Paul plans to be, since he's preaching. I debated long and hard about going along but it would mean farming out children AGAIN so I guess I won't. Would love to meet you.
    And yes, B&R's pictures were wonderful, esp. the one with the roses. Applause to your brother.

  6. Oh my! I hadn't heard that one! Did Dad not realize that you were going on more flights than he was??!
    I dread to think of some of the last century ideas I will horrify my children with someday!