Monday, October 31, 2005

Steven's Logic

Steven is growing so fast that he’s down to two pairs of dress-up pants for church. Last Sunday he played football in one of these pairs and got them all grass-stained. I had him rub Zout in the stains but when they came through the wash they still didn’t look very nice.

Well, Sunday morning came along again and these grass-stained khakis were the only "clean" church pants he had in his room. He didn’t want to wear them. I told him he had no choice.

He was mad.

Paul sat him down and tried to walk him through the logic of this. "Whose pants are they? Who is responsible for them? Did Mom tell you not to play football in them? Did you play football in them anyway? And what happened? Etc etc."

Finally, Paul wound up for the final punch line: "So, Steven, who should you be mad at?"

And Steven said, "The grass."

Quote of the Day:
"Nobody ever told me but I could tell from observation."
--Ben, when asked if he knew a certain lady was pregnant


  1. very logical,Steven!!ha!

  2. Good one Steven!!!

  3. HAHA! i love some of the things my kids say. well actually that the older one says since the younger one doesnt talk yet...
    OK, off topic. I was surfing blogs, strangers all, just hitting random ones. i visited austrailians and sweedes, japanese students and a german doctor. i found a few christians, a few muslims, even a budhist. i never thought i would click a link and find a neighbor. my family is from brownsville, i live in albany. hi neighbor!

  4. I just read Amy's post and saw that you give your children (or at least her anyway) a set of luggage for their graduation gift. That's what we did too! We wanted them to travel - go out and see the world and experience other cultures first hand! Then why do we cry when they go??? I get prayer updates from the family she went to help, so we will be interested in keeping track of her situation from that end as well.

  5. Mom's cry because we can. We're supposed to. It's wonderful to be able to cry for any heart stirring that is there. And we don't have to 'splain it to no one, because... well just because....