Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bundling Newspapers

Who would have thought that bundling newspapers could be so full of adventure?

Our school collects newspaper donations, then every couple of months the kids spend an afternoon bundling them up and taking them somewhere to be recycled.

On Friday they were all working at tying up these papers when Preston found a graduation card. It was for Amy, and inside was a $20 check from her Uncle Fred and Aunt Loraine. That created something of a stir.

Then Stephanie C. found a little frog. Now the logical thing to do with frogs is to kiss them, of course, so with Anna videotaping this, Stephanie got her lips right up close and made it look like she was dramatically kissing it but actually just barely touched it.

Well. Preston was not going to be upstaged so he decided to kiss the frog too. He put it on his hand and gave it a big smack. And it stuck to his mouth. It even (pause, Dear Reader, to spit and sputter) stuck one foot inside his mouth.

Quote of the Day:
"That’s why in stories it’s always the princess and not the prince that kisses the frog."


  1. Poor Girls!!

    We need Ken Davis to sing his song about kissing a frog for a million years and it still won't turn into a prince!! :-)

  2. Oh hilarious!!!!!!!! Poor frog probably wondered what this world was coming to?!

  3. i told molly your story. her comment was "Now isn't that just like a boy to try to EAT the frog to show off!" guess she missed the point!!!