Monday, December 19, 2005

Sunday School

Last fall when I was asked to teach a Sunday school class of four-year-olds I felt like I really didn’t have the time but I consented anyway.

Teaching them, I have found, is like trying to keep fifteen ping-pong balls underwater at once. I doubt that they remember a whole lot of what I teach, but if nothing else it provides a great deal of entertainment for me and I do not regret taking on the job.

I find out all kinds of information from them that is not at all related to Zacharias and Elizabeth or whatever the day’s lesson is:
"Hey, you know what? We have this game? And we borrowed the two-person game from Justin? And we have the one-person game for our very own? And it’s a Mario game…?"

Then there’s the earnest little gal with a bit of a stammer—"We have, we have, we have this story, and it would be very scary, very scary, VERY scary for Brittney, cuz it’s called Grandpa and the Cougar!"

Brittney, sitting beside her, looks scornful but is too polite to say, "I would NOT be scared!"

Their energy level was especially high last night at the Sunday school program. We performed first, and lining them up on the platform was like getting six cats to stand in a straight line, but I finally managed. I kept our performance short and sweet. They each held a tall paper candle and sang about Jesus being the light of the world and We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

Even at this young age you can tell who’s going to be a ham. Trevin, youngest brother of AHQ’s Byran, happily found himself right by the microphone and leaned forward to first blow into it and then take full advantage of it as he sang, looking very satisfied with himself. I was told later that brother Randy was back by the controls, turning down the volume on that mike.

Afterwards I found another perk for teaching as the kids showered me with candles and fancy plug-in fragrance things and fudge, all chosen by their generous moms of course.

My favorite episode of the evening was the hissed reminder of one mom to her son just before we walked up front:

Quote of the Day:
"Don’t pick your nose up there!"


  1. Cute. Children are so uninhibited, aren't they?

  2. Dorcas..I know exactly what you mean about your class. The "ping pong balls" bit fits them to the T.

    I think one of my biggest struggles as a mom of one of them preschoolers is not worrying how some in the audience might view your child and instead relaxing and enjoying these years,,knowing that all too soon they will be grown up.

    As for your quote of the day: Dorcas!!!LOL!!

  3. Well Peter just belted out the songs at his program. His enthusiasm was hilarious but his pitch left much to be desired. Now I was quite proud of him. I never thought that anyone would find him anything but downright cute! You see I'm an extrovert; a sanguine to the core so it never dawned on me that someone might not appreciate my little singer. Now I get the true picture from Arlene! Shoot everybody must have been thinking what a bad mom I was to have such a loud off key singer and I'm sitting there beaming with pride! Owee! I never know how to behave in public. Once again I was off beat! LOl On second thought maybe my pride is misplaced...ya know..kinda like being such a social misfit that I dont even know that having my kid singing above every one else should be a thing to worry about. Yikes. I better get with it.

  4. No Mrs. Darling don't worry about it for a minute. I am sure Peter was very cute and don't let anyone tell you other wise. Lets just say I have been around the bend and burned a few times so it makes a jitter bug out of me. And its not fair to my children, so what do I care what anyone thinks? They are only young once, and I need to relax and enjoy their little quirks no matter what anyone says. So there you have my opinion!!!! LOL!!!!!!

  5. The younger kids are always a delight to watch , so Moms just relax and enjoy these younger years while you can.

  6. Thanks anonyomous!!!