Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas Plans

Tomorrow morning at 5:00, God willing and the Columbia Gorge isn't icy, we load up the van and head to my parents' place in Minnesota for Christmas, returning by New Year's, not sure which day. (Prayers appreciated as we drive--1800 miles, snow predicted through the Rockies.)

Matt heads on to six weeks of Bible school in Indiana after the festivities at Mom and Dad's, so for those weeks I will have two children out of the nest. (Prayers appreciated here also.)

A very merry Christmas to anyone who stops by the Shoe and may you enjoy in full the precious gift God gave to YOU.

Quote of the Day:
"Advice from your younger sister that you probably won't heed anyway: Buy a nice Aeropostale sweatshirt instead of some new cds that you don't need anyway, and wear that instead of the black one. You will look nicer and the girls will be more impressed. :):):) Don't flirt too much. Use the yawning trick to find out if a girl's watching you, but don't stake asking her out on it because nobody gets enough sleep at bible school. Don't forget to study. Don't run through the girls dorm. Don't put your life in danger just to impress a girl. Eat your vegetables. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. :):) And most importantly, have fun!"
--Amy, doing her part to prepare Matt for Bible school


  1. ROFL at Amy's great advice! Especially the yawning trick! I love it!

  2. Have a safe trip, and I will be praying for you all!!!

  3. Yeah, Hans uses it all the time!

  4. *blush*

    Oh... wait! I've never even met you in person! How did you... Oh!

    Why, I've never even heard of the yawning trick before! *grin*

  5. does it actually work? it could come in handy.

  6. Great job on the advice, Amy! Matt, so yourself a favor and listen to her. She knows what she's talking about!!!!!!!!! Pauline

  7. I have been enjoying your blog for awhile and thought I would comment.
    We may have actually met once or twice in our lives before as when I was about 9 years old we lived with James and Joann Smucker.
    God bless and have a safe trip!

  8. Yawning trick?

  9. found your site while searching for "Dutch Bible' on google. Also have 6 kids with one in Bible College. On the subject of Bible Translations, I have a 1897 Dutch language New Testament. Know anyone who would be moved by reading the Word in their own tongue? If so Email me please at

  10. The "yawning trick??" Oh my! Now THERE'S a new concept!! I'll have to pass that advice along to my little blessings when they're courting age! ;)
    May you have a blessed Christmas, dear sister!!