Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Posting the Dog

Last night I followed a trail of blogs and links to this, a funny/informative article in the Globe and Mail.

Especially this paragraph:

There's a stereotype that goes like this: When somebody running a website has run out of useful things to say, they post a picture of their cat. When they don't feel like writing one thousand words on their blog, there's always the option of posting Fluffy and pretending that she's somehow of interest to anybody. When the boiler of thought is out of steam, out wheezes a kitten.

My question: I just "posted the dog" last week. Does that mean the same thing?

Quote of the Day:
"If you leave it sit for a few days, it'll be about unwashableoffable."
--Emily, about an old dry-erase marker


  1. oh, this is funny!
    i just posted on that!
    see here

  2. Um, ry, that's where I first read it, then followed your link to the G&M.

  3. Dorcas, as long as you keep posting pictures of your children along with the dog, you're in good shape! Have you ever seen an interesting picture of a person with a CAT? No, dogs are a far different speicies. Personally, I think cats should have been left off the ark! Pauline

  4. Yeah! I *hate* cats.
    ;o) Call me a supp-shtadda. Maybe you can get 51 replies out of this one too.

  5. Oh my goodness. Someone erase Vals comment. Quick!

  6. Cats are much better than dogs!!! No problem with people who like dogs but cats are far less trouble and have such cute personalities, all of them different.Thank goodness cats weren't left off the ark!! I would be one sad person!

  7. Am I missing something?
    I always thought "Posting the dog" meant letting him outside to, uh, you know, do his thing on the fence post...

  8. good thing cats stayed on the ark
    my kc is quite the lovable cat
    i certainly enjoy having him around
    and to think
    i grew up in a non cat home
    dogs all the way
    cats were off limits

  9. Pauline, I am horrified. You think cats should have been left off the Ark?? Aren't you also the lady that was glad there was a snake under the house because it ate mice??
    Note to all: watch Pauline, she's dangerous.

    Val, you have some nerve. Ai-yi-yi.

    Jason, is this really you? One of my favorite nephews? The one who attacked me with couch pillows when I was trying to be Turner Ashby??? Or is it Jason from Iowa??

  10. Don't you all know that when God made cats, He declared it was very good!!!?? And you think they should have been left off of the ark!!!! Oh my....The very nerve!!!! LOL!!!

    Truthfully though, I love cats too!

  11. Isn't anyone gonna argue with me? I must say I'm disappointed!!!

  12. hey now, my little P.Bub is a pretty interesting character. :) go to my blog post from sunday the 4th; P.Bub is standing on her hind feet and her tummy is bulging and i think she's cute. :]
    cats are wily. they'll wind your heart up around 'em if you're not careful. even my dad has started liking cats, and i remember when he used to get really really annoyed at them for sitting right in front of the door

  13. first thing my dad asks when he comes to my place, "where's the cat?"
    funny thing is, he's definately not a cat person, but he seems to like my cat

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