Friday, December 16, 2005

Of Mice and Matt

Last night Matt and some of his friends played basketball at the Rec Center in Brownsville and then went to Pioneer Villa to eat and hang out.

PV is right beside I-5, on the nicer end of freeway truck stops, I’d say. They have a nice, large, clean dining area.

Soon after Matt and the others got in they noticed a sporadic commotion among the other patrons and discovered that a mouse was loose in the restaurant.

Matt, who has sacked seed for many a summer, has also had lots of experience with killing mice. He went up to the counter and asked where the mouse was. The waitress said it’s behind that basket over there.

Matt walked over, pulled the basket out from the wall, and speedily gave the mouse a whack with the side of his hand. Sadly, it still had enough energy to run off, but Matt made a lunge for it and brought his hand down on it with a decisive smack and killed it.

There was a small ripple of applause among the patrons.

Matt carried the mouse to an outdoor trash can, washed his hands, and returned to his table.

The waitress said his meal would be free.

I as Matt's mom am extrapolating all kinds of happy conclusions from this:
--I can count on him to take action, without any pushing from me, rather than sitting by and waiting for someone else to do it.
--He is like King David, honing his skills in obscurity and then rising to the occasion when the improbable situation arises that those very skills are needed to save the day.

Quote of the Day:
"I think the way to be good at math is just to understand it."


  1. I love it Matt! Great performance!

    Ben, I would have to agree with you... *grin*

  2. My concern would be that a mouse was in the restaurant to start with. They should have given every one a free meal.Matt you were awesome!

  3. I heard this story from 2 youth girls who were along--same story w/alot more drama to it!!LOL I agree w/ anon--everyone should have gotten a free meal!!:)

  4. Commentor #2 (ie anonymous) declared: "My concern would be that a mouse was in the restaurant to start with. They should have given every one a free meal."

    I agree. Every mouse in that restaurant should have a free meal.

    The mouse in question had a free meal, I suspect (whether or not he started with the restaurant). Albeit "free" turned out to be otherwise once Matt crashed the party.

    Somewhere here there lurks a lesson in plain sight.

    Maybe: "There's no such thing as a free lunch."

    No. There must be a better lesson....

    Whatever the lesson, thanks for it, Dorcas...and Matt...and Pioneer Villa...and mouse.

  5. Go for it Matt! BTW, were there any nice girls around to be impressed by the action? Pauline

  6. Ben, that might be true but understanding it is easier said than done.

  7. Pauline- I had the exact same thought as soon as the mouse was dead. but there weren't any, except for Jessi and Rhonda.

  8. I can totally imagine! That is SO Matt for you!!! :)