Monday, January 16, 2006

A List of Possibilities

Global warming
Reiki therapy
Home schooling
Women's role in the church
Absolute truth
ANWR drilling

Quote of the Day:
"You need to write about something controversial so you get some comments."
--Paul, reading my blog last night


  1. You are hilarious!!!! What is Reiki Therapy? I am going to have to "Google" that one!!
    But yea, let the debates begin!!!

  2. ~laughing~

  3. Crazy Dems blocking ANWR drilling...

  4. Meddling Mennos messing with politics.

    Crazy politicos dabbling in religion.

    Conservative Mennos coddling the mundane.

    Conservative Christians creatively conserving Creation.

    Bah! None of those strike me.

    Ahoy, Paul! Please, you choose from the list your help proposes. Thank you.

  5. Mark--Paul just chuckled at your list but didn't choose any.
    Arlene, Reiki is this therapy or massage or whatever that involves energy channels and crossing your arms and hooking your fingers in your mouth to direct the energy pathways.

  6. If your blog is known and read by others than Mennonites all you have to do is mention gay rights and you will have comments coming out your ears. I dont advise it. It actually resulted one time in a librarian from Portland State stealing a pic off my site and putting it on his with a pic of a gun to my head. Nope not advisable at all!

  7. Yikes, that's really scary, Mrs. Darling.

  8. Ooo, let's talk about home schooling.:)


  9. I would love to hear a debate about homeschooling. My husband tried to get a debate started on his blog about it.
    All he got were some people saying that homeschooled people are socially lacking. As if that is the MOST important thing in this life! They can't play volleyball as well as schooled children... oh PLEASE!
    Anyway...would love to hear more about it.

  10. So Dorcas... I woke up here on the East coast to the news that physician-assisted death is now legal in Oregon. The dubious distinction of the first state with this provision.

    However, if I understand correctly, Virgina is closer to NOT allowing Gay Marriages.

    I enjoy what you write, you know that.

  11. "However, if I understand correctly, Virgina is closer to NOT allowing Gay Marriages."


  12. yes, Gokum, there have been dozens of physician-assisted suicides since it became legal here. It is sad and creepy.

  13. What can I say to start an interesting conversation on home schooling. I could state my humble oponion which is that there is no inherently right or inherently wrong method of schooling. By that I mean that home schooling, individualized schooling or conventional classroom schooling each have their strong points and each have their inherent weak points. If any of you are interested I would be glad to relate to you from my experience the strong and weak points of each. I have opinions about each. I have experienced first hand all three from a teachers standpoint, one from a students standpoint, and of course all three from an observers standpoint.

    Had better stop to see if any are really interested in what I have to say on the subject.


  14. Paul I am incredibly interested in what you have to say. Speak on!

  15. Rather than continuing on with comments about the various kinds of Christian education in this set of comments, I will at some time in the next few days gather my courage and make my first attempt at a blog post. I will do in on my wifes blog, so I guess Mrs. Darling and any others can then make your comments to what I will write.


  16. anxiously awaiting your words of wisdom.