Saturday, January 14, 2006

Miss My Kids

I miss Matt and Amy.

I miss having an astute eye to help me put an outfit together, I miss having a tall guy to get me the crock pots off the top shelf, I miss the footsteps and running showers upstairs that mean they're home, I miss being able to tell them the latest crazy thing their siblings said, I miss having drivers in the house that can run this package over to Bonnie's, I miss their humor, and I just miss THEM.

(Pause to sniff and dab at eyes.)

However, Amy just sent me a detailed, reassuring email and Matt called me the other day and talked, urging me to keep asking him any questions I want. So I'm happy they're doing fine where they are.

I know we'll all have some adjusting to do after they get home. I remember what it's like to move back home after having been on your own.

But meanwhile, I really miss them.

Quote of the Day:
"Are you in trouble?"
--the clerk at Safeway, to Paul, when he stopped in for some Cool Whip for me and picked up a bouquet too


  1. I would have loved to hear Pauls answer to that one!!LOL!!! Maybe he could fit it into one of his sermons or something.

  2. Arlene, he said, "Are most people who buy flowers in trouble?" and the clerk said, "Most men are!" Yeah, I can see it as future sermon material.

  3. I have some idea how you feel missing your children. It ain't easy. But this is what it's all about..loving and letting go.

  4. Sorry you're missing your kids--but bless Paul for buying you flowers!!!That just made your day I'm sure!!:)