Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Normal Oregon rain is drizzly and drippy, making you thank whoever invented the 5-second-delay feature on windshield wipers.

But lately we’ve had relentless, steady, keep-the-wipers-going rain that has filled up creeks, fields, and ditches and shows no sign of stopping. Muddy Creek normally glides along politely, almost hidden by the trees. Now it is nearly out to the road and all the trees are poking out of the water.

The water is over the road in many places and over the old bridge at the warehouse. Paul went over before school to make sure it wasn’t up to the machine shed. (Not yet, thankfully)

At our last writers’ meeting we were discussing Seasonal Affective Disorder which, it turned out, affects most of the group—including me. That black cloud descends every October and hangs on til April, making us tired and unmotivated and wanting more than anything else to eat chocolate and go hibernate.

Jessica said, "I didn’t used to think I had SAD but then one day the sun came out accidentally and I had this sudden burst of energy."
Carol said, "You know you’re living in Oregon when the sun comes out ‘accidentally.’"

Meanwhile, I keep telling myself:

Quote of the Day:
"At least it’s drowning the mice."


  1. I seriously doubt the mice are being drowned. Come next Spring, you'll see. Sorry.

  2. well, it sure beats the weather we've been having in here in Indiana these past few's been really cold, and it snowed. but the snow was melting today...Halelujah! you know you're from Oregon if you hate it when it snows. snow belongs up in mountains where if you want it, you can drive to it. ;-)

  3. Almost 20 inches of rain in the last month, with measurable amounts on 30 of the last 31 days (Albany). Yep, it's been wet around here, but hallelujah, summer's a comin'!

  4. Gokum--I have to agree with Paul's cousin Trish's husband who said, "If any mice survive this rain, they deserve to live."

  5. The last couple days have produced CNN news reports about droughts and famine in Kenya and Ethiopia. Millions expected to be effected, hundreds of thousands to die.

    Come spring/summer you'll undoubtedly comment on the bumper crops and beautiful green. It just seems so short sighted...

    There are many verses about God holding back rain as punishment to a disobedient people - and only a couple about floods as punishment!

    We live in a dessert - and consider you blessed.

  6. Abu Jason--well said. Today I was driving along looking at the swollen creek and thinking, "I wish there was some way we could share."

  7. too bad you are not a mice-lover. Zach has a pet in his room, living comfortably in his legos, of all places! zach feeds this mouse all the dried up chips, and makes a point of leaving daily food for the cute little thing. i will be SURE to not tell him your death wish for these little critters.