Sunday, January 22, 2006

Poor Little Amy

This morning various ones of us were getting ready for church in front of the big family-size mirror in the bathroom when suddenly Ben said, "Hey, Mom, in my church shoes I'm as tall as you!"

Sure enough, he was. Which means that in bare feet he'd probably still be an inch shorter than me, but it also means that he's passed Amy.

Poor Amy. Somehow all the short genes from both sides of the family gravitated to her. Matt has always been a lot bigger than her, making me overhear conversations such as, "Hey, Amy, shall I carry you upside down?" when they were little. But now her younger sibs are also passing her up. First Emily, now Ben, and I know it won't be long before Steven does too.

However, what Amy lacks in height she compensates for in wits and spunk, so I guess she can always toss her head and say that she is simply a dime among nickels.

Quote of the Day:
Emily: Dad, did you know that if I were Egyptian I probably wouldn't have any eyebrows?
Paul: Why not?
Emily: Because it says here that if an Egyptian lost a beloved cat they would shave their eyebrows.


  1. Oh no!! Sigh. :):)


  2. Amy, that's OK. In fact, it's wonderful. Dynamite comes in small packages! Ask my husband. So do diamonds.


  3. We don't no each other personally but I have heard so may good things about you Dorcas, and I just want to thank-you for being there for my sister(Sharon). It makes me so happy and relieved that she has such good friends that she can count on no matter what! (Her oldest sis) Deb

  4. yeah amy, good things come in small packages and always remember that the littlest peppers are the hottest!! ;-)