Monday, January 30, 2006

Two Conversations

Recently I talked to two different women in one day.

The one was in tears, feeling overwhelmed with a situation in her life, something similar to poor health--impossible to control and very frustrating.

The other was much more "together." She was happy, disciplined, reading a "heavy" spiritual book, learning a lot, and making sure her priorities were in order.

Yet, somehow I was more blessed by the first conversation than the second, more ministered to by the tears than the smiles.

Obviously, it doesn't always work this way. Sometimes the needy people drain all your energy and the others put it back. But we get this idea that the only way you can minister to others is to have all your ducks in a row.

I once read a book by the parents of John Hinckley, Jr., telling how they went from being wealthy and "together" to hitting bottom when their son tried to assassinate President Reagan. I don’t remember much of the book except for one line that often comes back to me:

Quote of the Day:
"God uses us wounded and broken."


  1. I think it might be true that people who are needy might have more to give, in the long run.

  2. There is this 50 year old girl from Friendship Community (Special Needs Home) that brings little gifts and cards along to our church, to give to people. On sunday she said "good morning" at three different times to me. This is precious to me. I agree with Byran.

  3. Sometimes its harder to admit we're needy and broken and willing to be used of God in impossible situations than it is to act like we have it all together!!Pride sometimes (more than I like to admit sometimes)gets in the way!!Thanks for your perspective!!

  4. No situation is impossible with God.

  5. God delights in truly broken people. However, those touting self-inflicted wounds are another story.


  6. Well said, Louise.