Thursday, March 30, 2006


After Jenny hit 104 degrees yesterday for the second day in a row, I dispatched her to the doctor with Amy. The doctor didn't bother with a strep test, saying her high fever and swollen, spotted throat were evidence enough. So she is on an antibiotic.

Meanwhile I spent the day Vicksing myself and cuddling up to hot rice bags and wishing I had a grandma in my life who would come by and dose me with hot mustard plasters like they do in books. I really don't know what mustard plasters are, but they sound like something that would steam open all those congested bronchioles.

Things are slightly better today on all fronts.

Meanwhile it is beyond, beyond wonderful to have big kids. Ben answers the phone, since I can hardly talk. Emily does laundry. Amy writes lists of all the jobs that need to be done, cracks the whip, and everyone falls in line and does them.

This is so vastly different from the old days when I would drag myself feverishly around the house, washing faces and changing diapers and thinking that I'd give anything to be able to go to bed with a cup of tea. And now my daughters fix me pots of tea and bring them to me on a pretty little tray.

Have I attained or what?

Quote of the Day:
"If my husband is too short for me to kiss, I'll eat some of this."
--Emily, tapping the top of the shortening can


  1. Well, I do know someone who not only knows how to make and apply the mustard plasters, but my guess is if you really wanted her to, she'd do it! Glad you're feeling better.

  2. Oh, Dorcas.. I feel it way over here on the east coast. Sorry you aren't feeling so well. Jenny, too. BUT! How wonderful to have kids who take over and 'do things' for you. Wonderful nice.

    And thanks for the ###hugs###. I felt so privileged.

    ... take 2 Aspirin and call me in the morning....

  3. aww, i feel a little of your pain.. 'sick' was going around. i had this stupid thing for like a week. didnt have anyone to do my work for me though, i still had to get up at 4 am. :) i think you've earned the privilege of having your kids help you out. i saw a little sign at the coast yesterday: mom's aren't paid becuase their work is priceless. pretty true, in my mom's case, anyways.

  4. That makes me cry! today I have a sore throat and want to stay in bed. Guess I have to hang in there a few more years yet.

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  6. Hope you all in get better soon. And yes, it will be heavenly to be able to actually take a sick day when needed...after the kiddos are grown.* drool and slobber at the thought*(LOL!!)

    I love Emily's quote...HILARIOUS!!

  7. Dorcas, hang in there and milk it for all its worth...remember how they did when they were little? Pauline

  8. Re Emily's comment: I was densely wondering for a while how getting fatter would make it easier to kiss someone shorter. Then I figured it out. :-D