Saturday, March 18, 2006

Inbox Flinging

The other day I stopped by PeacefulLady's site and she asked us how many emails are currently in our inbox. The other commenters said, oh, 16, 163, something like that. So I commented also and said that there are 4048 in mine.

Now, I do weed out the mortgage-offer spam and the financial offers from Nigeria. But I keep the American Express confirmation and Oregon Tilth emails in case Paul needs them. And I keep any fan mail I get because I can't bear to throw it away. And I keep my sister's emails from Yemen (probably 1500) because she considers them her journal and I want to file them all as Word documents for her....someday.

But even with all that I decided I really should do a fling-boogie, as FlyLady says, on my inbox. So every time I sit down to email, I toss, toss, toss.

And now I'm down to 3144. Almost a thousand gone. It really is liberating.

Quote of the Day:
"Once a month, clean with a 'slightly damp' mop and a laminate floor cleaner or equivalent."
--the instruction paper for our new floor that sent Emily and me into shrieks of amusement. These people have nooooo idea how this kitchen would look if we mopped only once a month.


  1. 4000 emails in your INBOX?????????!!!!!!!!!!! That would drive me crazy. :-)
    Do you have any folders created under your inbox? You could make one labeled Paul and put anything in there you think he might need/want. Create one with your sister's name and file all of hers in there. You would still have the emails but at least they wouldn't be in your inbox! :-)

  2. Oh. My.

    That is too many.

    Yes to Rachel's suggestion, and may I ask, do you backup regulary? If you use the Juno email client that would be highly recommended. Stability isn't its greatest asset. I know that from personal experience yet again recently.

    Although, a crash would be a wonderful way to clear that inbox!

  3. I'm still amazed... that looks so overwhelming.. but way to go-- 1,000 less! Folders is definitely the way to go.

    Now, how do I email you? LOL

  4. Rachel, I've made a few files and am slowly filing.
    Yes, Tom, I back this up now and then, preferring not to clean by crashing.
    Peacefullady, I think my email address is in my profile if you really want to add one more to my inbox.

  5. Your quote of the day reminds me of the time when I was getting my kitchen licensed to do baking. One of the requirements is that you wipe down every flat surface once a week. Can you imagine the kitchen counter with a weeks worth of debris on it?!!!!! Pauline

  6. I have 12476 messages in my Inbox and 4165 of them are unread.

  7. Hans--the 12000 is astounding but what really bothers me is the 4000 unread. What if one is some fantastic job offer....or an invitation from That Girl's dad to take you out for lunch...or some lawyer saying you are about to be sued and have three days to protect yourself???