Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Pity Party and Help Wanted Ad

Ohhhhh I hate being sick. Yesterday I had a savagely sore throat which today has morphed into a drippy nose, strangled cough, constricted lungs, scratchy eyes, hot head, and no voice.

So I whisper. And everyone else, yea, even these Smuckers whose voices can carry for half a mile if the wind is right, they all whisper back.

Meanwhile Jenny is running a fever of 101 and lies on the couch, floppy and pink and very quiet except for the occasional squeak when she asks for ramen noodles or a drink.

Poor baby.

Now for the Help Wanted ad: does anyone know of a young, strong, responsible person who is at least 18 and wants to earn some cash by sacking seed this summer? July and August and maybe longer. The job involves filling and stacking 50-lb sacks of grass seed. We could provide or find housing and whatever supervision/parenting they needed. You can email me at letterfromhburg@juno.com.

Quote of the Day:
"This summer one day when I was bored I calculated that I've bagged about 250,000 bags."
--Matt (Don't worry, you potential employees, this was over 6 summers. And he has some amazing muscles to show for it. :-)


  1. at least 18 and wants to earn some cash

    I fill those qualifications but am dubious about the others.

    But never mind that, you folks get well sooner.

  2. I am so sorry you're not feeling well--please get better by Saturday!!!

  3. Donna and I will pray that you get better quickly. That's a nasty bug out there.

  4. what muscles?

  5. disclaimer: don't be too fooled by mom's begging for pity...she loudly proclaimed yesterday evening that being sick hasn't been this much fun for a long time!

  6. Amy didn't say that the reason I can kick back and enjoy being sick is because she is taking over the household. Thanks, Amy!!

  7. In that case, never mind my "get well sooner" above.

    Just take your time. No hurry. Apparently.