Monday, September 18, 2006

The Dutch Cd

I have my John Schmid cd playing, since the rest of the household isn't here to protest. But as Matt says, "When I hear that cd playing, I hear Leonard laughing."

Last Christmas I played "In Dutch" after Christmas dinner and all of us Dutchies laughed like crazy. I especially remember Leonard losing it after, "Da-hame hen mir un alde Gons, sie choomped ins vassah un shiddled ihra shwans."

That translates into "At home we have an old goose, she jumps in the water and shakes her tail" which proves that Leonard had a true sense of Dutch humor and "got" what the "Englishy" in the family merely sat and looked perplexed about.

Gotta go cry.


  1. Dad listens to that cd too. It's not funny anymore because he listened to it every night before falling asleep. Mom, nearly went batty after a month.

  2. Lenny had this thing with personalizing songs adding words or switching things to fit the occasion. I would always think of him when I would hear some of those songs bringing back memories of all thw times we rode together. It's different now I still think of him when I hear one of "his" songs but now it brings alot more emotions than a smile and a happy memory

  3. What is this with memories and associations? It is so swooshing, so unexpected and surprising. It takes one off guard...

    "... mourn with those that mourn..."

    "Tears are a lanuguage God understands...."

  4. I read another post of yours on those CD's and could relate to you. I enjoy them and so far my 6 & 3 yr. old sons do too. I wonder how long that will last. I also enjoy reading your blog, your monthly article and your books. Ihave not found your 2nd one ywt but look forward to reading it.