Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Those Amazing Seedsackers

I have written before about that intrepid band of men called Seedsackers. Now one of them has branched out into. . .RAP


  1. We can help!! Job openings in Summer 2007. You too can experience the thrills and excitement of being a seedsacker. Just an hour away from beaches, mountains, and etc. to explore in your leisure hours. Housing available.
    Email resume to pkaym1@juno.com
    Come to Oregon for a summer job.

  2. Hey, pkaym, send the extra applications our way. Justin the rappin' seedsacker has left us.

  3. And I'm about as blank about seedsackers as you are bodock trees. Actually spelled "bois de'arc" (or something like that) they are pests of the south. It's what fence posts are mostly made of down here. So hard you can't split them or nothing. And they last forever and a day. I have a bodock post that my grandfather put in the ground back in the early 60's. I pulled it out of the ground when we left their place and brought it along for old time's sake. Every Christmas I wrap decorations and lights around it and hang it over our front door.

  4. Whew! Now I learned something about seedsackers. Tough work, no doubt. I know you are proud of your son. I would be too.