Friday, February 16, 2007


I talked to Amy not long ago and she's in Oregon!! She and three other BMA Bible Schoolers are driving home and should be here this afternoon.

I am all giddy with anticipation. This was a piece of cake for me compared to her time in the Emirates, but I still missed her and can't wait to see her again.

Things like Bible school and leaving home are hard for Mom and Dad, but they are still needful and good. Young people see themselves and who they are in a new light when in a new context.

For example, Amy said that at Bible school she was seen as the drama/acting person. Not that she was a drama queen as such, but that any time someone needed a skit or other performance, they turned to her. Among other things, she wrote a song for a cook's birthday and she and some other girls sang it. And she organized a performance of the Proverbs 31 skit that she and Emily wrote some time ago.

In our family, Amy's so overshadowed by Emily's dramatics that we never think of her as being that skilled in this area. But if I really think about it, yeah, she is.

That's why it's good for kids to go off on their own.

But I like them to come back home too.

Quote of the Day:
"Mom, how come you and Dad have to kiss in front of your little children?"
--Jenny, with a very disgusted look on her face.


  1. If possible would you please email me at the following address. I would like to ask a couple questions. Thank you very much Debbie Hamlin

  2. Dorcas you don't!!!! Do you REALLY kiss your hubby in front of your kiddos?? *gasp*


  3. Yeah, I know what you mean. Benji went off to Maranatha Bible School and he was known as the computer whiz. Certainly not the designation he holds in our family! *grin*

  4. Kissing in front of the kids, despite their protests, is a good thing. I think kids feel secure in knowing that their parents love each other & enjoy each other!